SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. – A total of 137 student-athletes from Shippensburg University have been recognized by the Division II Athletic Directors Association (D2ADA) with 2021-22 Academic Achievement Awards.
Per D2ADA, in order for a student-athlete to receive an Academic Achievement Award, the athletics director must be a current dues-paying member. The student-athlete, meanwhile, must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale, have completed a minimum of two years (four semesters) of college level work at a two-year and/or four-year institution, and also been an active member of an intercollegiate team during the last academic year.
In total, there were a record-breaking 16,639 student-athletes from 169 institutions recognized for the 2021-22 Academic Achievement Awards. For the fourth consecutive year, the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) has the largest number of student-athlete honorees with 1,709 total.
Individuals who competed in more than one sport are listed multiple times in SU’s total per the D2ADA guidelines. This includes student-athletes who compete in both cross country and track & field.
Shippensburg’s D2ADA Honorees:
Tori Albright, field hockey
Aaron Alphee, football
John Bachar, wrestling
Jacquelynne Baker, women’s basketball
Kendra Barlow, women’s soccer
Lydia Bauer, volleyball
Kelsie Baus, Volleyball
Marissa Bittner, women’s swimming
Eric Bohenek, baseball
Jody Boyer, field hockey
Madison Breiner, women’s swimming
Alyse Caffrey, women’s soccer
Julianne Capozzoli, women’s lacrosse
Clairanne Chairs, women’s lacrosse
Andrew Chronister, baseball

Joey Cintavey, men’s track & field
Maddie Clabaugh, volleyball
Alex Cottingham, women’s soccer
Abi Czarnecki, women’s soccer

Kayla Dalhouse, women’s track & field
Julia Dalton, women’s soccer
Justin Darden, baseball
Morgan DeFeo, softball
Kelli Dunagan, women’s soccer
Madison Dzurko, women’s swimming

Erika Ebersole, women’s track & field
Laura Fazzini, women’s soccer
Emma Flattery, softball

Jade Fry, women’s track & field and women’s cross country

Kyra Gerbe, women’s track & field and women’s cross country
Cameron Goble, baseball

Aiden Gonder, men’s track & field and men’s cross country
Riley Good, football
Paige Graber, field hockey

Leah Graybill, women’s track & field
Aunbrielle Green, women’s basketball
Olivia Gregory, women’s basketball

Nathan Harding, men’s track & field and men’s cross country

Cole Harris, men’s track & field and men’s cross country
Luke Henry, men’s soccer

Josh Herbster, men’s track & field
Michaela Hersh, women’s swimming

Phylicia Hockman, women’s track & field and women’s cross country
Merel Hoekstra, field hockey and women’s tennis

Hayden Hunt, men’s track & field and men’s cross country
Lacey Hunter, softball
Owen Iacobelli, men’s soccer
Sahar Islam, women’s tennis
Rachel Johnston, women’s swimming
Tressa Kagarise, softball
Addie Kalama, women’s lacrosse
McKenna Keller, women’s lacrosse
Mya Kemp, field hockey
Bailey Krahl, women’s lacrosse

Ellie Kuhn, women’s track & field
Austen LaBarre, baseball

Amanda LaVana, women’s track & field and women’s cross country
Bret Legath, football
Alex Leitner, volleyball
Kallie Lyle, women’s swimming

Chayce Macknair, men’s track & field and men’s cross country
Shannan Maher, women’s swimming

Katie Mancino, women’s track & field
Payton Margerum, women’s lacrosse

Kate Matrisciano, women’s track & field
Shane McGarry, football
Mackenzie Mitchell, women’s soccer

Leah Moffitt, women’s track & field and women’s cross country
Jaxson Montross, football

Sydney Morgan, women’s track & field and women’s cross country
Brycen Mussina, football
Eve Nealon, women’s basketball
Alyssa Nehlen, softball

Ashlee Newton, women’s track & field
K.K. O’Donnell, women’s soccer
Emma Oberholtzer, women’s soccer
Lauren Ocker, women’s soccer
Cally Papoutsis, women’s tennis
Trey Paul, football

Carson Pennings, women’s track & field
Hanna  Phillips, softball
Brock Piper, baseball
Sofia Pittas, women’s soccer

AJ Plowman, men’s track & field and men’s cross country
McKenzie Pope, women’s lacrosse
Chloe Prettyman, field hockey
Hannah Raines, women’s lacrosse
Maddie Reuther, field hockey
Gabby Savarino, women’s lacrosse
Kasey Schuchardt, women’s lacrosse

Ryan Scicchitano, men’s track & field
Hannah Seifried, women’s lacrosse
Hope Shearer, women’s lacrosse

Ian Sherlock, men’s track & field and men’s cross country

Maddie Sieg, women’s track & field
Dontae Slocum, football
Jenna Sluymer , field hockey and women’s tennis
Anna Stoner, women’s soccer
Gabe Stotler, baseball
Carly Switala, women’s lacrosse
Eva Tice, women’s swimming
Alyssa Tomb, women’s swimming
Nicole Tormann, women’s soccer
Kaitlyn Townsend, volleyball
Lindsay Tripodo, field hockey
Kayla Tryanski, women’s tennis

Emily Velez, women’s track & field and women’s cross country
Lexington Wagner, women’s swimming
Avery Warrick, men’s soccer

Belle Weikert, women’s track & field and women’s cross country
Riley Weller, women’s swimming
Ben Werkheiser, baseball
Brenna White, women’s swimming
Cody Willoughby, men’s soccer
Kyle Willwerth, men’s soccer
Caitlyn Wink, field hockey
Trevor Woolwine, men’s swimming
Morgan Wyatt, baseball
Jordan Yoder, baseball
Eric Zimmerman, men’s swimming
Elijah Zinn, men’s swimming

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137 Raiders recognized with 2021-22 D2ADA Academic Achievement Awards

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