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Prof. Ayaga Bawah | Population Studies Award | Excellence in Research

Prof. Ayaga Bawah,University of Ghana, Ghana

Professor Ayaga Bawah is a distinguished academic affiliated with the University of Ghana, one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Africa. Specializing in fields such as public health, demography, and social sciences, Prof. Bawah has made significant contributions to research, policy, and practice in Ghana and beyond. His work often focuses on understanding population dynamics, health disparities, and the intersection of social factors with public health outcomes. With a commitment to advancing knowledge and promoting evidence-based interventions, Prof. Bawah’s expertise has helped shape strategies for improving healthcare delivery and addressing key challenges facing communities in Ghana and across the continent. As a respected scholar and educator, he continues to inspire students and colleagues alike through his dedication to excellence in research and teaching.

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PhD Demography (05/2002), University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA,MA Demography (05/1999), University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA,MA Population Studies (08/1995), University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana,BA Geography and Resource Development (08/1991), University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana

Current research focus:

Health Systems,Sexual and Reproductive Health,Health Equity,Community Health Services,Maternal and Child Health,Social Demography

Research projects:

Assessment of Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR) Capacities (2019-2020) – Principal Investigator, funded by World Health Organization (WHO).,Developing Acute Care and Emergency Referral Systems (ACERS) Project (2018-2022) – Co-Principal Investigator, funded by United States Agency for International Development.,Pathways to Equitable Healthy Cities (2017-2023) – Co-Investigator, funded by Wellcome Trust.,Prospective Comparative Study of Clinical Outcomes Following Clinic-Based versus Self-Use of Medical Abortion (2019-2020) – Principal Investigator, funded by Ipas International, USA.,Implementation and Impact Evaluation of the Willows’ Reproductive Health Programs in Ghana (2017-2020) – Principal Investigator (Ghana), funded by Warren Buffet Foundation.


Graduate Courses: Computer Aided Population Analysis, Social Dynamics, Development and Demographic Processes, Applied Demography in Public Health, Mathematical Demography, Advanced Population Analysis.,Undergraduate Courses: Techniques of Resource Assessment.


Publication Top Notes:

  1. Sakeah, E., Bawah, A.A., Asuming, P.O. et al. (2023). “Impact of community health interventions on maternal and child health indicators in the upper east region of Ghana.” BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 23, 298. (Corresponding author)
  2. MacTavish R., Bixby H., Cavanaugh A., Agyei-Mensah S, Bawah, A., Owusu G, Ezzati M, Arku R, Robinson B., A.M., Baumgartner J. (2023). “Identifying deprived ‘slum’ neighbourhoods in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area of Ghana using census and remote sensing data.” World Development, Volume 167.
  3. Sakeah, E., Bawah, A.A., Kuwolamo, I. Anyorikeya, M., Asuming, P.O., & Aborigo, R.A. (2023). “How different incentives influence reported motivation and perceptions of performance in Ghanaian community-based health planning and services zones.” BMC Research Notes 16, 17.
  4. Bawah A.A., Biney A.A., & Kyei P. (2022). “‘You can’t look at an orange and draw a banana’: using research evidence to develop relevant health policy in Ghana.” Global Health: Science and Practice, 10(Supplement 1): e2100693.
  5. Kushitor M, Henry E.G., Obeng-Dwamena A.D., Agyekum W.M., Agula C, Toprah T, Shah I & Bawah A.A. (2022). “Covert Contraceptive Use amongst the urban poor in Accra, Ghana: experiences of health providers.” Reproductive Health 19, 205.
  6. Agula C, Henry E.G., Asuming P.O., Obeng-Dwamena A, Toprah T, Agyekum M.W., Shah I, & Bawah AA. (2022). “Postpartum contraceptive initiation and use: Evidence from Accra, Ghana.” Women’s Health 18:17455057221141290. (Corresponding author)
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  9. Abubakari SW, Alhassan N, Adda R, Asante KP, & Bawah A.A., (2022). “Socio-economic, physical and health-related determinants of causes of death among women in the Kintampo districts of Ghana.” Cogent Public Health, 9(1), 2109300.
  10. Tetteh J.D., Templeton M.R., … & Bawah A.A., Arku R.E., Ezzati M., Agyei-Mensah, S. (2022). “Spatial heterogeneity in drinking water sources in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA), Ghana.” Population and Environment, 1-31.
  11. Agyekum MW, Henry EG, Kushitor MK, Obeng-Dwamena AD, Agula C,… & Bawah AA. (2022). “Partner support and women’s contraceptive use: insight from urban poor communities in Accra, Ghana.” BMC Women’s Health, 22(1), 1-10.
  12. Asuming P.O., Bawah A.A., Kanmiki EW and PhillipsJ.F. (2022). “The impact of a health systems strengthening initiative on child morbidity: The case of the Ghana Essential Health Interventions Program in rural northern Ghana.” PloS one, 17(6), p.e0269199.
  13. Dovie DB, Miyittah MK, Dodor DE, Dzodzomenyo M, Christian AK, Tete‐Larb, R, … & Bawah AA. (2022). “Earth System’s Gatekeeping of ‘One Health’ Approach to Manage Climate‐Sensitive Infectious Diseases.” GeoHealth, 6(4), e2021GH000543.
  14. Asuming PO, Gaisie DA, Agula C & Bawah AA. (2022). “Impact of Covid‐19 on Maternal Health Seeking in Ghana.” Journal of International Development.
  15. Bixby H, Bennett JE, Bawah AA, et al. (2022). “Quantifying within-city inequalities in child mortality across neighbourhoods in Accra, Ghana: a Bayesian spatial analysis.” BMJ Open; 12:e054030.
  16. Oduro AR, Francke J, Ansah P, Jackson EF, Wak G, Phillips JF, Haykin LA, Azongo D, Bawah AA, Welaga P, Hodgson A, Aborigo R & Heller DJ. (2021). “Social and demographic correlates of cardiovascular mortality in the Kassena-Nankana districts of Ghana: a verbal post-mortem analysis.” International Journal of Epidemiology, dyab244.


Ayaga Bawah | Population Studies Award | Excellence in Research

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