A bus driver shortage was a big problem for the district last school year.

Last year, the district reported they were short more than two hundred drivers.

Many may remember CCSD even partnering with the RTC to mitigate the issue and make sure students made it to school.

This year, though, it’s a much different story. CCSD says things are looking up when it comes to staffing.

“The bus drivers are doing fantastic; They’ve hired 109 new bus drivers. We have over, 90% of the bus routes are covered, were really excited about that.They’re better than they were last year, and again it’s a very fluid number and of course, were still working day and night to bring people in,” said Carol Tolx, Chief of Human Resources, CCSD.

Fewer drivers mean more students assigned to each driver, making it harder for drivers to take sick days and PTO.

The shortage caused raised concerns for parents, many reporting that buses were late to pick up their students before the start of school some days.

CCSD says they have a plan to combat late busses this year.

“I think they’re doing everything they can to mitigate that issue so that that doesn’t happen, and if it does they’ll have a rotating time schedule, so they’ll know one (a bus) is coming in 15 minutes, even if they don’t have one right then,” said Tolx.

For parents and students who’ve already registered their children for school.

They can log onto to the CCSD onboard app and find all their childs bus information.

The app includes students new pick and drop off times.

Also, once school starts, the onboarding app will allow parents to track their students bus in case they’re running late making it home after school.

Head over to

for more information on transportation for the 2022-23 Academic Year, and to download the CCSD Onboard App.

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CCSD says the bus driver shortage is ‘no more’ this academic year

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