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Mr. Chinedu Joel Ogbodo | Econometrics and Finance Award | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Chinedu Joel Ogbodo, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria

Chinedu Joel Ogbodo is a dedicated researcher and educator based in Enugu, Nigeria 🇳🇬. With a strong background in economics, he has contributed significantly to academia through his roles as a tutor, lecturer, and research assistant at esteemed institutions like the University of Nigeria. Ogbodo’s expertise spans methodology selection, data analysis, and effective communication of research findings. Passionate about fostering learning, he has mentored students, authored scholarly articles, and presented at conferences. Currently pursuing a PhD in Economics, Ogbodo is committed to advancing knowledge and driving positive change in his field.


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Chinedu Joel Ogbodo’s educational journey showcases his steadfast commitment to excellence in economics. Having completed his BSc in Economics in 2015 at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, he proceeded to earn his MSc in Economics from the same institution between May 2017 and March 2019. Currently, Ogbodo is pursuing a PhD in Economics, further solidifying his expertise and dedication to advancing his field of study. With each level of education completed at his alma mater, Ogbodo’s academic progression underscores his passion for economics and his relentless pursuit of knowledge and expertise in the subject.


Work History

Chinedu Joel Ogbodo’s professional journey reflects a dynamic blend of academia and research prowess. From his tenure as a Lecturer at JUPEB University to his current roles as Tutor/Head of Department at Adorable British College and Researcher at Research-Men Consult, Ogbodo has consistently demonstrated his commitment to education and advancing knowledge. His multifaceted skills encompass curriculum planning, student mentoring, and high-volume research tasks. Ogbodo’s dedication extends to scholarly contributions, where he has authored papers and presented at conferences, further enriching the discourse in his field. With a robust background in economics and a proactive approach to learning and innovation, Ogbodo continues to make impactful contributions to academia and research.


Research Focus

Chinedu Joel Ogbodo’s research focus lies at the intersection of economics and social sciences, addressing critical issues impacting Africa’s sustainable development. Through publications such as “Human Capital Flight, Remittances and the Problem of Achieving Sustainable Economic Growth in Africa” and “Effect of HIV/AIDS on labour productivity,” he delves into topics like human capital flight, health economics, and economic growth. Ogbodo’s work contributes valuable insights into the complex dynamics of fiscal policy, income inequality, and brain drain in less developed countries. With an emoji of 🌍 representing global impact, his research endeavors strive to drive positive change and foster sustainable economic progress in Africa and beyond.



Chinedu Joel Ogbodo | Econometrics and Finance Award | Best Researcher Award

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