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Assoc Prof Dr. Chonlatis Darawong | Marketing Management | Best Researcher Award

Assoc Prof Dr. Chonlatis Darawong, Sripatum University, Chonburi Campus, Thailand

Chonlatis Darawong, Ph.D., is an esteemed Associate Professor with a diverse background in academia and research πŸŽ“. With a Ph.D. in Management from the Asian Institute of Technology, he specializes in areas such as international business, marketing, and organizational behavior. With over a decade of experience in lecturing and conducting impactful research 🌟, he has contributed significantly to numerous publications in prestigious journals πŸ“š. Darawong’s expertise extends to consultancy roles, where he has advised on topics ranging from franchise management to service quality enhancement. Passionate about education and innovation, he continues to inspire students and professionals alike.


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Education and Qualifications:

Chonlatis Darawong embarked on an illustrious academic journey that solidified his expertise in management and marketing πŸ“š. His educational odyssey commenced with a Bachelor of Science in Agro-Industrial Product Development from Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand. Building upon this foundation, he pursued a Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing at the National Institute of Development Administration. His thirst for knowledge led him to attain a Ph.D. in Management from the esteemed School of Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Pathumthani, Thailand. Throughout his educational pursuits, Darawong exhibited a relentless dedication to learning and research, culminating in impactful contributions to academia πŸŽ“.

Work Experience :

Chonlatis Darawong’s professional journey exemplifies versatility and dedication across diverse industries πŸš€. From academia to corporate settings, his roles span teaching, research, and project management. As a Full-time Lecturer at Sripatum University, he imparts knowledge in various business disciplines to both undergraduate and MBA students πŸŽ“. His stint at Chula Unisearch as a Researcher underscored his prowess in conducting in-depth studies for organizations like ARDA. Darawong’s commitment extends to part-time roles, where he shares expertise in international business research and brand communication. Throughout his career, he’s embraced challenges with resilience, contributing significantly to education and industry alike 🌟.

Research Focus:

Chonlatis Darawong’s research focus encompasses various facets of organizational dynamics and innovation 🧠. With a keen interest in new product development and team dynamics, he has delved into topics such as leadership styles, conflict management, and cross-functional communication. Darawong’s investigations extend to understanding the impact of cultural diversity on team performance and the nuances of managing conflicts between different functional units within organizations. His work not only sheds light on the intricacies of organizational behavior but also offers practical insights for enhancing team effectiveness and fostering innovation. Through his diverse array of studies, Darawong continues to contribute significantly to the field of management research 🌟.

Publication Top Notes:

  1. Service quality enhancing student satisfaction in international programs of higher education institutions: A local student perspective πŸ“š Cited by: 69, Year: 2019
  2. Dynamic capabilities of new product development teams in performing radical innovation projectsπŸ“š Cited by: 50, Year: 2018
  3. The influence of leadership styles on new product development performance: the moderating effect of product innovativenessπŸ“š Cited by: 33, Year: 2020
  4. Acculturation of local new product development team members in MNC subsidiaries in Thailand πŸ“š Cited by: 27, Year: 2012
  5. The impact of cross-functional communication on absorptive capacity of NPD teams at high technology firms in ThailandπŸ“š Cited by: 25, Year: 2015
  6. The impact of communication on conflict between expatriate and local managers working in NPD projects of MNC subsidiaries: A local perspective
  7. Improving student satisfaction and learning outcomes with service quality of online courses: evidence from Thai and Indonesian higher education institutions
  8. Conflict management styles and interpersonal conflict between marketing and R&D personnel during the new product development process
  9. Enhancing the service quality of community pharmacies for non-prescription medicines based on the perspectives of pharmacists and patients: a qualitative study
  10. Managing conflict between engineers/R&D and marketers in new product development process


Chonlatis Darawong | Marketing Management | Best Researcher Award

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