COLUMBIA COUNTY. (WRDW/WAGT) – Columbia County came up with a new long-term plan at a recent board meeting.

They’re not wasting any time putting the plan into action.

Day one of school is in the books for Columbia County, and also the first day of a five-year strategic plan.

The plan is set to expire in 2027 and covers a variety of things from student success to technology access.

The plan took a year to develop, but some of the changes are already in effect. Superintendent Dr. Steven Flynt says the focus is always on the students.

“One of the first areas of focus is student achievement and so working with the curriculum, working with our teachers this summer to really prepare what we’re teaching students and to have students engaged in their learning is a very large part of that strategic plan,” he said.

The plan also includes community engagement and support, consistent and supportive culture, facilities and operational excellence, and making the best use of talent.

Flynt says a lot of opinions went into it.

“Input from stakeholders and our community as well as our teachers and support staff,” he said.

The plan also aims to support students’ overall health.

With some early-year anxiety, Dr. Dale Peeples says there are ways to support students.

“We try to encourage kids to stay in, in the school. They need to talk to the guidance counselor, the nurse, and someone in administration. That’s okay, but it’s really best to try to stay on the school premises,” said Associate Professor, Medical College of Georgia Dr. Dale Peeples.

He says to always remember it’s OK to be a little anxious early on.

“A little bit of anxiety whenever we’re entering a new situation is completely normal and natural. That’s just part of life, part of being human,” said Peeples.

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Columbia Co. schools introduce five-year plan to increase academic achievement

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