COLUMBIA Co. (WJBF) – The Columbia County School District is creating ways to improve kids  learning abilities in schools, just before new academic year.

Starting with their new five year strategic plan.

“We’re very excited it will focus on areas such as curriculum support for students operations and facilities community involvement” said Michele Sherman, Associate Superintendent.

Associate Superintendent Michele Sherman says the district has made improvements to how and what it teaches all students grades K through 12. For teachers it was getting their end by having them bring their ideas to the district table.  She says this will  ensure kids get the best learning techniques because the educators are fully invested.

“One of our biggest areas of improvements this year is going to be in the area of curriculum we’ve been working all summer we had about five hundred teachers come in over the summer to help us create what we’re calling ace it’s academic curriculum for excellence” said Sherman

She also says the safety protocol for COVID-19 is staying the same. Each school in columbia county will enforce to take all precaution possible

“We have some safety precautions in place and just general good hygiene just really encouraging our students and staff to stay home if their sick that really the number one way we can combat this in our schools “ said Sherman.

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Columbia County prepares to head back to school ahead of new academic year

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