doi: 10.1080/02701960.2022.2121280.

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Lena Serafin et al.

Gerontol Geriatr Educ.



The demanding and challenging nature of care for geriatric patients requires appropriate preparation of health care professionals. However, the willingness of nursing students to work in geriatric nursing care is mostly at a low level. The EAging_C project has been developed to investigate the relationship between nursing teachers’ and students’ attitudes towards older people and its impact on career decisions regarding working in a geriatric setting. This study uses an explanatory sequential mixed-method. The study has been conducted in a Polish Academic setting in teams of geriatric nursing practical training teachers and their students. Quantitative and qualitative data have been collected in three stages. Kogan’s Attitudes Towards Older People questionnaire has been used to collect quantitative data among teachers and students. By developing two questionnaires for the semi-structured interviews (one for students and one for teachers) qualitative data was collected that deepened the quantitative data collected. The investigation conducted in this project allows us to provide an insight into the issue of the unwillingness to work in a geriatric setting by nursing graduates. Based on the identified variables that are crucial to promoting work with older people, further research can be carried out based on testing the intervention.


Geriatric education; attitude; practical training.

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Education and attitudes toward geriatric care: Impact for nursing graduates and their career decisions – study protocol