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Assoc Prof Dr. Eleonora Pappalardo | Cultural Heritage Award | Best Researcher Award

Assoc Prof Dr. Eleonora Pappalardo, Università di Catania, Italy

Assoc. Prof. Eleonora Pappalardo is a leading figure in Classical Archaeology, based at the University of Catania. With a focus on enhancing archaeological research, she pioneers multidisciplinary approaches to Cultural Heritage, fostering its socio-cultural significance. As coordinator of various missions and projects, she drives exploration in regions like Crete and Sicily, contributing to economic development and tourism. A renowned lecturer and museum expert, she’s collaborated with prestigious institutions worldwide. Passionate about linking the past with the present, her work inspires young minds to engage with history, forging cultural connections for the future. 🏛️🌍🔍


Publication Profile


Dr. Eleonora Pappalardo’s academic journey is marked by a profound dedication to Classical Archaeology. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Turin, delving into Near Eastern imports in Crete during the 1st millennium BCE. Earlier, her studies at the same university explored ivories from Fort Shalmaneser and their Mediterranean connections. Her undergraduate degree, obtained at the University of Catania, focused on the Bronze works of the Idaean Cave within a broader historical context. 🏺📚 Her rigorous academic pursuits reflect her passion for unraveling the intricacies of ancient civilizations and their interconnectedness.



Dr. Eleonora Pappalardo’s teaching portfolio encompasses a rich tapestry of Classical Archaeology and the exploration of Sicily and Magna Grecia. Her expertise extends to the School of Archaeology at the University of Catania, where she imparts knowledge on Classical Archaeology. As a member of the Teaching Board for the Educational Sciences Department’s Ph.D., she plays a pivotal role in shaping future scholars. Additionally, her presence on the Scientific Board of the School of Archaeology underscores her commitment to academic excellence and mentorship. 🏛️📚 Dr. Pappalardo’s dedication to education ensures the preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage for generations to come.

Research Focus

Dr. Eleonora Pappalardo’s research focus spans a wide array of topics within the realm of archaeology, with a particular emphasis on Classical Archaeology, heritage studies, and cultural heritage management. She explores diverse subjects ranging from red pigment identification techniques to the interpretation of ancient imagery and artifacts. Her work delves into the analysis of archaeological sites in Sicily and Crete, shedding light on the rich history and cultural heritage of the Mediterranean region. Dr. Pappalardo’s interdisciplinary approach and commitment to preserving and understanding the past make her a prominent figure in the field of archaeology. 🏺🔍


Eleonora Pappalardo | Cultural Heritage Award | Best Researcher Award

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