Graduate students intending to pursue an Academic career in the sciences have much to gain by learning to teach science, but often have limited training opportunities. In response to this need, we designed a 1-semester course, Learning Design in Science Education, in which students receive formal training in pedagogical theory with role model demonstration of current best practices in active learning. Building from previous descriptions of similar courses, we added a practical experience for the students to utilize their new skills to design and teach a mini science course at the end of the semester. Additionally, students developed a teaching portfolio, complete with a personal teaching statement, syllabus, course materials, and evaluations from peers and faculty. Overall, the course was well-received by the students and there are early indications that students benefited from their participation in the course. In this manuscript we present the design and outcomes of the course, faculty and student perceptions, and thoughts on improvements for future semesters and its potential for use by others.


STEM education; active learning; educational technology; evidence-based teaching (EBT); scientific teaching.

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Learning design in science education: perspectives from designing a graduate-level course in evidence-based teaching of science

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