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Mr. Mingliang Bai | Electric Propulsion | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Mingliang Bai, Beihang university, China

Mingliang Bai is a Ph.D. candidate at Beihang University, specializing in Aerospace Propulsion Theory and Engineering πŸš€. His research is focused on optimizing design and energy management in hybrid-electric aerospace propulsion systems βœˆοΈπŸ”‹. He has made significant contributions to this field, including the publication of 20 academic papers, with 10 indexed in SCI journals, and holds 10 Chinese patents πŸ“„πŸ…. Mingliang’s work on innovative propulsion technologies has garnered recognition across academic and professional platforms 🌟. He actively collaborates with international institutions to advance green aviation technologies 🌍 and is an IEEE student member πŸ“š.

Academic and Professional Background πŸŽ“πŸ”§

Mingliang Bai’s research focuses on optimizing design, control, and energy management for aerospace hybrid-electric propulsion systems. He has published 20 academic papers, with 10 in SCI-indexed journals, and holds 10 Chinese patents. His contributions have significantly advanced the field of hybrid-electric aerospace propulsion, earning recognition in various forums.

Research Focus

Mingliang Bai’s research focuses primarily on hybrid-electric and sustainable aerospace propulsion systems πŸš€πŸ”‹. His work integrates new energy sources such as pure electric, hybrid-electric, and hydrogen-electric powertrains into aerospace propulsion. He aims to develop greener, more efficient, and sustainable power solutions for aircraft ✈️🌍. By leveraging hybrid-electric, superconducting, and distributed propulsion technologies, Mingliang’s research addresses critical areas like energy management, fuel efficiency, and emission reduction πŸ’‘β™»οΈ. His studies on parameter optimization and control strategies significantly advance the development of environmentally friendly aviation technologies, contributing to a future of green and sustainable air travel 🌱✈️.

Publication Top Notes

Mingliang Bai | Electric Propulsion | Best Researcher Award

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