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Mr. Nour Eddine Mayassi | Soil Ecology Award | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Nour Eddine Mayassi, Lebanese University Faculty of Agronomy, Lebanon

Nour Eddine Mayassi (born January 2, 1999, in Aley, Lebanon 🇱🇧) is a Lebanese agronomist with a robust academic background and a passion for sustainable agriculture. He holds a Master’s in Agricultural Engineering from Lebanese University and another Master’s in Sustainable Agroecosystems from CIHEAM Bari, Italy 🇮🇹. Nour has conducted significant research on soil management to enhance small-scale agroecosystem resilience. He has interned at various agricultural institutions, gaining expertise in soil and water analysis, pest management, and innovative farming techniques 🌱. Proficient in English (C2) and Italian (A2), he is an advocate for agroecological practices and youth contributions to agri-food systems 🌾.

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Education 🎓

Nour completed his Lebanese Baccalaureate in Life Sciences at Maroun Abboud Secondary School (2014-2017) 📘. He earned a Bachelor’s in Agriculture from Lebanese University, Beirut (2017-2020) 🌾. He further pursued a Master’s in Agriculture Engineering (2020-2023) and a Master’s in Sustainable Agroecosystems at CIHEAM Bari, Italy (2021-2023) 🌍.

Experience 🌟

Nour interned at Orquidea Garden Center 🌿 and the Lebanese Agriculture Research Institute, focusing on soil and water analysis, pest management, and crop value-chain analysis. He gained valuable skills in soil management, irrigation, and agricultural technology 💧.

Research Focus

Nour Eddine Mayassi’s research is focused on soil health and resilience in small-scale agroecosystems, particularly in the context of Mount-Lebanon 🇱🇧. His work delves into agroecology, emphasizing sustainable agricultural practices that maintain soil vitality and promote ecosystem stability 🌾. He investigates soil management techniques that enhance the resilience of agroecosystems against environmental stressors and climate change 🌍. Collaborating with experts like Thérèse Atallah, Beshr Sukkariyah, and Pandi Zdruli, Nour’s research aims to develop practical solutions for farmers to sustainably manage their land and improve food security 🌱. His contributions are vital to advancing sustainable food systems and agroecological practices 🌿.


Publication Top Notes

Investigating soil health and resilience in small-scale agroecosystems of Mount-Lebanon

Nour Eddine Mayassi | Soil Ecology Award | Best Researcher Award

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