Dear Editor,

I’m a grandma, so I don’t have to worry about MY children in school, but my heart breaks for the heavy load of indoctrination and inappropriate materials children are being asked to cope with, whether they’re ready or not. What happened to school as an academic institution? Why is social, emotional, and gender education even in the curriculum? These are not academic topics, and this is where we want our students to excel. Families teach the values, beliefs, and standards for their children, and hope they behave well enough in school to learn, achieve in their studies, and succeed. This is what matters and what, in the long run, will create equity. A good education is how we level the playing field, and give all students the opportunity to grow, flourish, and become responsible adults.

Make it easy on yourself, local public schools. Get back to teaching the essential core subjects, Use unbiased and truthful textbooks and teach how you were trained to instruct children. Impact them positively and meaningfully and they will use that knowledge to make unbiased, sound decisions in the future. 

Valerie Waddelove


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