August 2, 2022

The Brain on Youth Sports book coverA book by UW–Madison’s Julie M. Stamm, “The Brain on Youth Sports: The Science, the Myths, and the Future,” is number 29 on Library Journal’s list of academic best sellers from May 2021 through June 2022.

Stamm is a clinical assistant professor in the School of Education’s Department of Kinesiology.

Aimed at parents, coaches, youth sports administrators, and health care providers, “The Brain on Youth Sports” dispels common myths, explains the science around repetitive brain trauma in sports, and empowers parents to make informed decisions about sports participation for their children.

Robert C. Cantu, MD, the author of “Concussion and Our Kids,” has called the book a “must read for all parents contemplating allowing their young child to play a collision sport.”

Learn more about “The Brain on Youth Sports” on the Rowman and Littlefield website.

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Stamm’s ‘The Brain on Youth Sports’ makes list of academic best sellers

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