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Syed MuhammadMohsin | Computer Science Award | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Syed MuhammadMohsin, Syed Muhammad Mohsin, Pakistan

👨‍🎓 Syed Muhammad Mohsin, a dedicated PhD scholar at COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan, focuses on energy-efficient cloud technologies. With expertise in computer science and a solid academic background, including MS and BS degrees, he has published extensively in renowned journals and presented at international conferences. Mohsin’s research delves into topics like IoT network security, renewable energy forecasting, and smart grid management. Alongside his scholarly pursuits, he serves as an Assistant Technical Officer at the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and holds visiting lecturer positions at various universities. His multifaceted skills encompass coding, network administration, and project management.

Publication Top Notes


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Mr.Syed Muhammad Mohsin, a dedicated scholar 🎓, embarked on his academic journey by earning a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Virtual University of Pakistan. He furthered his knowledge with a Master’s degree from the same institution, delving into the intricacies of Service Oriented Architecture for Cloud of Things. Driven by his passion for research, he pursued a PhD from COMSATS University Islamabad, focusing on energy-efficient cloud migration. His academic odyssey, complemented by numerous publications and professional experiences, reflects his unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge in computer science and technology.

Research Focus

Mr.Syed Muhammad Mohsin is a highly accomplished PhD scholar specializing in the field of energy-efficient cloud computing. With a strong background in computer science and extensive experience in academia and industry, Mohsin’s research focus lies at the intersection of green computing and intelligent migration strategies for traditional energy sources. His work, highlighted by numerous publications and contributions to prestigious conferences, demonstrates a deep understanding of emerging technologies like IoT, AI, and blockchain, applied to energy forecasting, network optimization, and security. Mohsin’s expertise and dedication make him a valuable asset in shaping the future of sustainable computing. 🌱💻

Publication Top Notes

  1. A survey on deep learning methods for power load and renewable energy forecasting in smart microgrids 📊
    • Authors: S. Aslam, H Herodotou, SM Mohsin, N Javaid, N Ashraf, S Aslam
    • Journal: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
    • Cited by: 355
    • Year: 2021
  2. AI-empowered, blockchain and SDN integrated security architecture for IoT network of cyber physical systems 🔒
    • Authors: S Latif, S. A., XianWen, F. B., Iwendi, C., Wang, F. L., Mohsin, S. M., Han …
    • Journal: Computer Communications
    • Cited by: 163
    • Year: 2021
  3. A fair pricing mechanism in smart grids for low energy consumption users 💡
    • Authors: K Aurangzeb, S Aslam, SM Mohsin, M Alhussein
    • Journal: IEEE Access
    • Cited by: 49
    • Year: 2021
  4. A comprehensive review of computing paradigms, enabling computation offloading and task execution in vehicular networks 🚗
    • Authors: A Waheed, MA Shah, SM Mohsin, A Khan, C Maple, S Aslam, …
    • Journal: IEEE Access
    • Cited by: 45
    • Year: 2022
  5. Energy forecasting using multiheaded convolutional neural networks in efficient renewable energy resources equipped with energy storage system 🔋
    • Authors: K Aurangzeb, S Aslam, SI Haider, SM Mohsin, S Islam, HA Khattak, …
    • Journal: Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies
    • Cited by: 32
    • Year: 2022
  6. Performance analysis of hybridization of heuristic techniques for residential load scheduling ⚡
    • Authors: Z Iqbal, N Javaid, SM Mohsin, SMA Akber, MK Afzal, F Ishmanov
    • Journal: Energies
    • Cited by: 29
    • Year: 2018
  7. Deep learning based techniques to enhance the performance of microgrids: a review 🔄
    • Authors: S Aslam, H Herodotou, N Ayub, SM Mohsin
    • Conference: 2019 International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology (FIT …)
    • Cited by: 27
    • Year: 2019
Syed MuhammadMohsin | Computer Science Award | Best Researcher Award

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