Assist Prof Dr. Emma Nordbäck | Organizational Behavior Award | Best Researcher Award Assist Prof Dr. Emma Nordbäck, Hanken School of Economics, Finland Dr. Emma Nordbäck is an accomplished scholar
Dr. N. R. Patel | Agrometeorology Award | Excellence in Research Dr. N. R. Patel, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, India Dr. N. R. Patel is a distinguished scientist specializing
Prof. Vilma Hastaoglou-Martinidis | Preservation Award | Best Researcher Award Prof. Vilma Hastaoglou-Martinidis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece 🏛️ Prof. Vilma Hastaoglou-Martinidis, an esteemed figure in architecture, is Professor Emerita
Prof Dr. Eunice Salavessa | History of Art Award | Best Researcher Award Prof Dr. Eunice Salavessa, UTAD/CITAB, Portugal Prof. Dr. Eunice Salavessa is an accomplished architect and academic, specializing
Dr. Oleg Shatursky | Toxinology Award | Best Researcher Award Dr. Oleg Shatursky, Palladin Institute of Biochemistry, National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Ukraine Dr. Oleg Shatursky 🧪, DSc in
Assoc Prof Dr. Tao Meng | Transportation Engineering Award | Best Researcher Award Assoc Prof Dr. Tao Meng, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, China 🌟 Dr. Tao Meng, an
Assoc Prof Dr. Eleonora Pappalardo | Cultural Heritage Award | Best Researcher Award Assoc Prof Dr. Eleonora Pappalardo, Università di Catania, Italy Assoc. Prof. Eleonora Pappalardo is a leading figure
Prof. Heon Lee | Meta Materials Award | Best Researcher Award Prof. Heon Lee, Korea University, South Korea Heon Lee, PhD, is a distinguished Professor at Korea University 🎓. With
Mr. Chinedu Joel Ogbodo | Econometrics and Finance Award | Best Researcher Award Mr. Chinedu Joel Ogbodo, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria Chinedu Joel Ogbodo is a dedicated researcher and
Dr. Tejasvi K | Composite Award | Best Researcher Award Dr. Tejasvi K, DRDO, India 👨‍🔬 Dr. Tejasvi K is a distinguished Scientist "F" at the Advanced Systems Laboratory, DRDO,

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