Haris Mansoor | Electricity Forecasting | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Haris Mansoor | Electricity Forecasting | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Haris Mansoor, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan

Inamul Hasan Shaikh is an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, Pakistan 🇵🇰. With expertise in optimization and control systems, he’s contributed significantly to research and academia. His work includes tuning optimal hyperparameters of controllers and teaching linear algebra and probability. Inamul has a passion for guiding students and advancing the field of electrical engineering through innovative research. 🎓🔬

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Haris Mansoor pursued his academic journey in electrical engineering, demonstrating a passion for cutting-edge technology. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Power, from the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. Building upon this foundation, he completed his Master’s degree in Control Systems at the University of Engineering and Technology Taxila. Haris’s thirst for knowledge led him to Lahore University of Management Sciences, where he embarked on a PhD in Electrical Engineering, delving into the realms of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Optimization under the guidance of Advisor Naveed Arshad. 🎓🔌🔬



Haris Mansoor’s professional journey reflects a remarkable dedication to advancing technology across diverse fields. As a Senior Deep Learning Engineer at Intelligent Systems Group in Pakistan, he spearheaded numerous projects in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), and Reinforcement Learning (RL), leveraging various AI architectures and algorithms. His tenure as a Graduate Research Assistant at Lahore University of Management Sciences showcased his innovative contributions to Short-Term Load Forecasting algorithms, addressing Pakistan’s energy challenges. Haris’s international collaborations, including stints at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Saudi Arabia and Georgia State University in the USA, underscore his global impact in machine learning and beyond. 🌐🤖🔬


Research Focus:

Haris Mansoor’s research focus primarily revolves around energy forecasting and optimization, with a particular emphasis on Short-Term Load Forecasting (STLF) using advanced techniques such as smart meter data analysis and graph neural networks. His contributions span various domains including machine learning, control systems, and energy economics. Through his work, he aims to address critical challenges in energy infrastructure, improve forecasting accuracy, and optimize resource allocation strategies. Haris’s expertise and dedication in these areas are evident through his numerous publications and citations, demonstrating his commitment to advancing knowledge and technology in the field of electrical engineering. ⚡🔍📈


Yohei Kiyonaga | Architectural Conservation | Excellence in Research

Mr. Yohei Kiyonaga | Architectural Conservation | Excellence in Research

Senior Specialist for Cultural Property , Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, Japan

Mr. Yohei Kiyonaga is a distinguished figure in the realm of architectural conservation, showcasing excellence in research. As a Senior Specialist for Cultural Property at the Agency for Cultural Affairs within the Government of Japan, his contributions are invaluable. With profound expertise and dedication, Mr. Kiyonaga embodies a commitment to preserving Japan’s rich cultural heritage. Through meticulous research and innovative approaches, he ensures the conservation of architectural treasures for future generations. His profound understanding of cultural significance and technical mastery empowers him to navigate complex conservation challenges with finesse. Mr. Kiyonaga’s work epitomizes a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, reflecting Japan’s enduring cultural legacy.




In 2000, the Kyushu Institute of Design in Fukuoka, Japan, conferred a Master of Arts in Design upon its distinguished graduate. This milestone marked not only the culmination of rigorous academic pursuits but also the beginning of a journey characterized by creativity, innovation, and mastery in the field of design. Situated in the vibrant city of Fukuoka, renowned for its rich cultural tapestry and avant-garde design scene, the institute provided a nurturing environment where theoretical insights converged with practical application. Equipped with a deep understanding of design principles and methodologies, the graduate embarked on a career poised to make meaningful contributions to the dynamic landscape of design innovation.


With a rich tapestry of experience spanning several esteemed institutions, Mr. Yohei Kiyonaga has emerged as a stalwart in the field of cultural heritage conservation. Commencing as a Technical Officer at the Land Readjustment Foundation in Fukuoka from 2000 to 2003, he laid the foundation for his illustrious career. Transitioning to roles as a Researcher at the National Research Institute for Cultural Property in Nara and subsequently as a Technical Officer at the Agency for Cultural Property in Tokyo, Mr. Kiyonaga’s expertise flourished. His journey culminated in pivotal positions such as Senior Specialist for Cultural Property, reflecting his unwavering dedication to preserving Japan’s cultural legacy. As Project Manager at the International Center for the Study of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property, his global impact reverberated. Mr. Kiyonaga’s enduring commitment continues to shape the landscape of cultural conservation, embodying excellence and vision.


Mr. Yohei Kiyonaga has made significant contributions to the discourse on architectural heritage preservation through his scholarly publications. In his work “The Japanese Concept of Preservation of Historical Areas and the EAHY,” featured in ‘A Future for Our Past,’ he explores the Japanese approach to preserving historical areas within the context of the European Architectural Heritage Year. In “Securing Traditional Techniques and Materials in Conservation on Architectural Heritage in Japan,” he delves into the preservation of traditional techniques and materials, addressing issues of degradation and technological advancements. Furthermore, in “Toshi no kyojuukankyo to Rekishitekikenzobustu no kyozon,” published in the Journal of Urban Housing Sciences, he elucidates the preservation of historical districts through traditional architectural conservation methods. Through his insightful research, Mr. Kiyonaga enriches the global dialogue on heritage conservation, bridging cultural perspectives and fostering sustainable preservation practices.

Areas of Research:

In contemporary architectural conservation, the principle of reusing original parts remains paramount, even extending to removed elements not immediately reusable due to deterioration. Despite this principle, practical challenges arise, particularly in preserving heavily deteriorated or numerous similar items like roof tiles, posing storage dilemmas. Consequently, a selective preservation approach has emerged, wherein more valuable parts are prioritized based on specific criteria. This pragmatic method has gained traction in conservation practices, yet the historical perspective on the preservation of removed parts, especially concerning selection criteria, remains underexplored in Japan. To address this gap, I conducted comprehensive research, drawing from official administrative documents and examples of national treasures and important cultural properties. This research not only sheds light on the handling of removed parts in Japanese architectural cultural properties but also offers insights into Japan’s unique conservation and repair techniques. To amplify its global impact, publishing this research as an English paper is deemed highly effective for international dissemination and recognition.

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Evolving Methodologies in the Management of Preserved Removed Parts in Japanese Architectural Cultural Properties Journal: Japan Architectural Review Year: 2024


Xu Qiujian | Cognitive Science of Music | Best Researcher Award

Assoc Prof Dr. Xu Qiujian | Cognitive Science of Music | Best Researcher Award

Assoc Prof Dr. Xu Qiujian, Yanshan University, China

🎓 Assoc Prof Dr. Xu Qiujian, a distinguished scholar in Music and Fine Arts, currently serves as Associate Professor and Director at Yanshan University College of Art and Design. With a rich academic background spanning from undergraduate to doctoral studies, Xu specializes in Music Cognitive Science and Artistic Research. Their expertise extends to interdisciplinary projects like gait rehabilitation for Parkinson’s patients using music biofeedback. Notable achievements include receiving grants from China Scholarship Council and National Endowment for the Arts, as well as publications in prestigious journals. Xu is committed to nurturing international talent and advancing rural revitalization through art. 🎶


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Education & Academic Achievements:

Assoc Prof Dr. Xu Qiujian’s academic journey began with undergraduate studies at Kyungpook National University, where they majored in Music. This was followed by a Master’s Degree and Doctoral Studies, both also undertaken at Kyungpook National University. Their doctoral dissertation focused on the nationalization of art songs through phonetics, resulting in publications in esteemed journals like the Journal of New Music Research.

Professional Experience:

Xu’s professional trajectory includes roles as Visiting Scholar at the Central Conservatory of Music and later as Music Faculty at Yanshan University College of Art and Design. They have since ascended to the position of Associate Professor, holding various administrative posts including Director and Outreach Secretary. Additionally, Xu serves as a Doctoral Supervisor within the Faculty of Fine Arts, contributing significantly to academic and research endeavors.



RosariaNardello | Neuropsichiatria Infantile | Women Researcher Award

Assoc Prof Dr.RosariaNardello | Neuropsichiatria Infantile | Women Researcher Award

Assoc Prof Dr Rosaria Nardello is a distinguished academic, awarded the “SIKELE’ Award 2008” for her outstanding contributions in Agrigento’s research community. As a University Researcher and Director at AOUP “Paolo Giaccone” in Palermo, she specializes in Child Neuropsychiatry (SSD MED/39). Dr. Nardello received a Certificate of Merit for her impactful talks during Health Promotion and Education Seminars in 2009. Renowned for expertise in therapeutic and medico-legal management, she focuses on developmental age subjects, particularly those affected by sexual abuse. 🏆👩‍🔬

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Professional Qualification :

Assoc Prof Dr Rosaria Nardello is a distinguished University Researcher and Director of the Simple Departmental Operational Unit of Child Neuropsychiatry at AOUP “Paolo Giaccone” in Palermo. Holding expertise in SSD MED/39, she contributes to the Department of Health Promotion, Maternal-Child, Internal, and Specialist Medicine of Excellence at “G. D’Alessandro.” Dr. Nardello stands out for her proficiency in therapeutic and medico-legal management, with a specific focus on developmental age subjects who are victims of sexual abuse.Her role involves extensive engagement in the multidisciplinary realm, addressing the complex needs of young individuals facing such challenges. As a key figure in the field, she navigates the intersection of medicine and law, ensuring comprehensive care for vulnerable populations. Dr. Nardello’s commitment to advancing Child Neuropsychiatry is underscored by her directorial position, steering the Simple Departmental Operational Unit towards excellence in research and patient care. Her work not only contributes to the academic landscape but also plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the well-being of those in the developmental age bracket who have experienced trauma. 🌟👩‍⚕️

Awards and Recognitions :

In 2008, Assoc Prof Dr Rosaria Nardello was honored with the prestigious “SIKELE’ Award,” recognizing her outstanding contributions as a young researcher in the province of Agrigento. This esteemed accolade was granted by the Italian Culture and Sport Association with the endorsement of the Sicily Region Department. Dr. Nardello’s noteworthy impact extended to the Health Promotion and Education Seminars for the Population in March-May 2009, earning her a Certificate of Merit. This recognition was bestowed upon her by Hon. Prof. Bartolomeo Sammartino, President of the National Academy of Politics, and Prof. Giovanni Zummo, Coordinator of the Research Doctorate in Experimental and Molecular Medicine. These accolades underscore Dr. Nardello’s excellence in research and her significant contributions to the fields of health promotion and education. 🏆🌐

Research Focus :

Assoc Prof Dr. Rosaria Nardello is a prominent researcher with a primary focus on neurodevelopmental disorders, particularly those associated with genetic variants. Her extensive contributions include investigating bi-allelic genetic variants in translational GTPases GTPBP1 and GTPBP2, leading to the identification of a distinct neurodevelopmental syndrome. With a wealth of knowledge in genetics and molecular medicine, she explores conditions such as KCNT2-related disorders, familial hemiplegic migraine, and de novo GRIN2A variants linked to epilepsy and autism. Dr. Nardello’s research underscores a commitment to unraveling the genetic underpinnings of complex neurological conditions, advancing our understanding for potential therapeutic interventions. 🧬🧠

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Romuald Landry Nguemkap Kouamo | Economics of education | Young Scientist Award

Dr. Romuald Landry Nguemkap Kouamo: Economics of education

🌍Nguemkap Kouamo Romuald Landry holds a Ph.D. in Economics of Education 🎓 with a focus on the Cameroonian primary education system. His thesis, “Three Essays on the Performance of the Cameroonian Primary Education System,” earned him a Very Honorable Mention. Under the guidance of Professor Avom Desiré at the University of Yaoundé 2 Soa 🏛️, Nguemkap has showcased his expertise. Beyond academia, he served as a Monitor at the Faculty of Economics and Management and taught part-time at Toula Nzdong Bilingual High School 📚. Nguemkap is dedicated to inclusive education, evident in his participation in the e-Inclusion conference on online/blended education by ERASMUS.

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Dr. Nguemkap Kouamo Romuald Landry earned his Ph.D. in Economics, exploring the dynamics of the Cameroonian primary education system with a focus on three impactful essays, securing a Very Honorable Mention 🏆. Under the guidance of Professor Avom Desiré at the University of Yaoundé 2 Soa 🎓, his specialization in the Economics of Education spanned from November 2019 to April 2023. Noteworthy, he contributed to a jury led by Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso, Prof Atangana Ondoua Henri, Prof Bidiasse Honoré, and Prof Ngameni Joseph Pasky. Earlier, he excelled in his Master’s, earning distinction in Public Economics of Human Resources in July 2019 🌟


Dr. Nguemkap Kouamo Romuald Landry, a seasoned educator, served as a Monitor at the Faculty of Economics and Management in 2020/2021 📚. His commitment extends to being a part-time teacher at Toula Nzdong Bilingual High School from 2017 to 2019 🏫. With a focus on inclusive education, he participated in ERASMUS’s e-Inclusion conference, exploring strategies to enhance online/blended courses using digital tools 🌐. Nguemkap continues to enrich his skills, contributing to the “Macroeconomic Modeling for Sustainable Development” initiative by ECA Young Economists Network and the AUF’s program aimed at strengthening scientific communities in French-speaking Africa, Haiti, and Lebanon in September 2023 🌍.

International Conferences:

Dr. Nguemkap Kouamo Romuald Landry, an esteemed speaker, shared insights at the Erasmus Scientific Days in Marrakech, Morocco 🌍 (Oct 17-18, 2022), presenting an analysis of the technical efficiency of Cameroonian public universities. He continued his impactful discourse at the “Decentralization, Deconcentration, and Local Development in Africa” conference at the University of Dschang, Cameroon 🇨🇲 (Oct 26-28, 2022), delving into the role of deconcentration and educational decentralization on school efficiency in sub-Saharan Africa. In September 2023, he actively participated in the “Future of Education in Africa” Conference in Abuja, Nigeria 🇳🇬, and later, as a speaker at the KIX Continental Symposium on Educational Research in Abidjan, Ivory Coast 🇨🇮 (Oct 3-5, 2023), exploring lessons from PASEC and SACMEQ data in sub-Saharan Africa. 🎤

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