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Dr. Dilshad Ahmad | Flexible Materials Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Dilshad Ahmad, Khalifa university, United Arab Emirates

Dilshad Ahmad, Ph.D., is a dedicated Aerospace Engineer and Postdoctoral Fellow at Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi. With a robust background in compliant materials and morphing structures, he collaborates with industry leaders like SANAD MRO to develop soft robotic grippers. Dilshad boasts extensive teaching experience, guiding students in Engineering Mechanics and Materials. As an active researcher, he has published in top-tier journals and holds a granted patent. Dilshad’s passion for innovation is evident through his collaborations with global institutions and ongoing projects in aerospace maintenance and energy harvesting. 🚀✨


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🎓 Education and Academic Background

Dr. Dilshad Ahmad holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Patna. His doctoral research focused on the characterization and fracture analysis of soft Electro-Active Polymers (EAPs) for transducer applications, aiming to harness renewable energy sources. He also completed his M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, and his B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University.

👨‍🏫 Teaching Experience

Dr. Ahmad has a passion for inspiring and guiding students. He is skilled in teaching Engineering Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning principles. Known for his strong communication skills and ability to cater to different learning styles, he incorporates active learning techniques to facilitate a deeper understanding of complex engineering concepts.

🏆 Awards

Dr. Ahmad has received prestigious awards and fellowships, including a Ph.D. Fellowship from the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Best Business Plan Award from the Bihar Industries Association. His research projects have been funded by organizations such as Khalifa University and the Abu Dhabi Education Council, highlighting the significance of his work in the field of engineering.

Research Focus

Dr. Dilshad Ahmad’s research focus revolves around the development and characterization of advanced materials, particularly dielectric elastomers and elastomeric skins, for aerospace applications 🚀. His work delves into understanding the mechanical behavior and fracture mechanics of these materials under various loading conditions, including equi-biaxial and pure shear deformation. Through experimental and theoretical investigations, he aims to enhance the performance and reliability of morphing wing structures, contributing to the advancement of aerospace engineering. Ahmad’s interdisciplinary approach combines expertise in materials science, mechanical engineering, and aerospace technology to address the challenges of next-generation aircraft design and functionality.

Dilshad Ahmad | Flexible Materials Award | Best Researcher Award

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