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Dr .Alexia Larchen Costuchen : Leading Researcher in Arts and Humanities

🌟 Dr .Alexia Larchen Costuchen

Dr. Alexia Larchen Costuchen stands at the forefront of Arts and Humanities as a leading researcher, making significant contributions to the academic and creative realms. With a distinguished profile, Dr. Costuchen has established a notable presence in renowned academic databases such as SCOPUS, GOOGLE SCHOLAR, and ORCID.

In her academic journey, Dr. Costuchen has not only excelled in her research but has also demonstrated a commitment to nurturing the next generation of scholars. Her role includes the supervision of doctoral theses and final year projects, showcasing a dedication to fostering academic excellence.

One of the noteworthy projects under Dr. Costuchen’s guidance is the “Survey Gamification: Engaging Generation Z,” a Final Degree Project (FDP) supervised at University College Dublin. This project reflects her expertise in engaging with contemporary educational methodologies and addressing the unique characteristics of Generation Z learners.

As an Experimental Director of “Roman Palace: Videojuego para el Aprendizaje de Vocabulario en Lengua Extranjera” at Universitat Politècnica de València, Dr. Costuchen has played a pivotal role in pushing the boundaries of language learning through innovative technologies. This project underscores her commitment to exploring new avenues for effective vocabulary acquisition.

💼 Professional Profiles:




🎓 Academic Employment:

Experience supervising doctoral thesis and/or final year projects,1 Project title: Final Degree Project (FDP) Supervision: “Survey Gamification: Engaging Generation Z”, Entity: University College Dublin, Student: Andra Antal- Berbecaru ,Date of reading: 29/04/2022,2 Project title: Experimental Director of “Roman Palace: Videojuego para el Aprendizaje de Vocabulario en Lengua, Extranjera” ,Entity: Universitat Politècnica de València, Student: Darina Dinkova  Dimitrova Date of reading: 21/07/2021,3 Project title: Final Degree Project (FDP) Supervision: “MnemoRoom4U – A Mind Palace in Augmented Reality”, Entity: Malmö University ,Student: Minos Stavroulakis,  Date of reading: 31/05/2021

📚 Education:

1st and 2nd cycle studies and pre-Bologna degrees,1 University degree: Higher degree, Name of qualification: Master of Research (in Educational Technology and Language Teaching),Degree awarding entity: Queen Margaret University (QMU),Date of qualification: 30/10/2019,2 University degree: Higher degree ,Name of qualification: Official Master’s Degree in Teacher Training for Compulsory Secondary School and, Baccalaureate  Programmes, Career Education and Language Teaching, Degree awarding entity: National Distance Education University (UNED),Date of qualification: 18/01/2018,3 University degree: Higher degree, Name of qualification: BA hons. English and German Philology, Degree awarding entity: Smolensk State Pedagogical University (Degree validated by the Universitat de, València and ANECA),Date of qualification: 01/07/2004,Doctorates,Doctorate programme: PhD Candidate for Doctoral Degree in Languages, Literature and Culture, and their ,Applications (to be obtained in 2023),Degree awarding entity: Universitat Politècnica de València, Other postgraduate university studies,1 Postgraduate qualification: Qualified Teacher Status (QTS),Degree awarding entity: Teaching Regulation Agency (GOV.UK),Date of qualification: 23/05/2018,2 Postgraduate qualification: DELTA (Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults),Postgraduate Diploma. Module 3 (specializing in Business English) .,Degree awarding entity: Cambridge ESOL in collaboration with International House, London, England ,Date of qualification: 01/06/2013


📑 Professional Services:

Name of the project: Postdoctoral Research, Funding entity or bodies:, Self-funded, Start date: 01/08/2023 Duration: 1 month,2 Name of the project: IRLDUBLIN02,Degree of contribution: Researcher ,Name principal investigator (PI, Co-PI….): Antal-Berbecaru; Dev; Larchen Costuchen ,Nº of researchers: 3,Funding entity or bodies:,137064 Erasmus Prácticas 2019 – E+ Type of entity: University Centres and Structures, and Associated Bodies, City funding entity: Valencia, Valencian Community, Spain, Start date: 15/09/2021 Duration: 4 months ,Total amount: 1.600 €,3 Name of the project: Research Group in the Teaching of Languages – GIEL (GIUV2013-081),Degree of contribution: research team ,Nº of researchers: 21,Funding entity or bodies:, Universitat de València Type of entity: University, Start date: 04/02/2021 Duration: 1 year – 4 months – 15 days,4 Name of the project: S MALMO01,Degree of contribution: Researcher, Name principal investigator (PI, Co-PI….): Stavroulakis; Font Fernandez; Larchen Costuchen, Nº of researchers: 3,Funding entity or bodies:,143382 Erasmus Prácticas 2019 – E+, Start date: 01/12/2020 Duration: 6 months ,Total amount: 2.40

Publication Top Note : 

  1. “Augmented reality and visuospatial bootstrapping for second-language vocabulary recall”
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  2. “Roman Palace: A Videogame for Foreign-Language Vocabulary Retention.”
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  3. “Adaptación curricular: gamificación, el aula invertida y la aplicación de métodos mnemotécnicos”
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  5. “Confronting challenges of non-formal education: A shift from book-based EFL to tailor-made, experimental syllabi”
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  6. “AR-Supported Mind Palace for L2 Vocabulary Recall”
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  7. “From Generation Gap to Generation Lap: Gen Z Subcultures”
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  8. “Bunker-Room Mnemonics for Second-Language Vocabulary Recall”
    • Published in International Journal of Virtual and Augmented Reality (IJVAR)
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  9. “3DePict: memorizando vocabulario de inglés a través del uso de geoinformación y realidad aumentada”
    • Published in Actas III Congreso Internacional de Lingüística Computacional y de Corpus
    • Year: 2020
Dr .Alexia Larchen Costuchen| Arts and Humanities | Best Researcher Award | 9109

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