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Dr. Eman Helmy Ahmed Abdelmonaim | Pharmaceutical Sector Award | Women Researcher Award

Dr. Eman Helmy Ahmed Abdelmonaim, National Research Centre NRC, Egypt

Eman Helmy Ahmed Abdelmonaim is an accomplished Egyptian researcher specializing in polymer science and nanotechnology. With a Ph.D. in Chemistry, she has conducted extensive research and received recognition for her work, including prestigious fellowships and awards. Her expertise spans various fields, from organic chemistry to spectroscopic techniques. Eman has contributed significantly to scientific conferences and publications, showcasing her innovative contributions to the field. With a passion for learning and a resilient attitude, she continues to excel in her endeavors, aiming to make impactful contributions to the scientific community. 🧪🔬


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Education and Qualification 

Eman Helmy pursued her academic journey with dedication, starting from Al-Azhar Language School for her high school education in Nasr City, Egypt. She then obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Special Chemistry from Al Azhar University, graduating with distinction in 2005. Her passion for organic chemistry led her to pursue further studies, culminating in a Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry from Cairo University in 2014. Her research focus on the preparation and characterization of polymeric nanocomposites earned her acclaim, with her thesis being examined by Prof. Dr. Patricia Heiden from Michigan Technological University, USA. In 2019, she successfully completed her Ph.D. in Chemistry, delving into the preparation of polymeric materials embedded in nano-structured oxides through joint supervision from Ain Shams University, Egypt, and Siegen University, Germany. 📚🎓


Research Focus

Eman Helmy Ahmed’s research focus revolves around the synthesis and characterization of advanced nanocomposites for various applications, particularly in dielectric materials and optical waveguide technologies. Her work encompasses the preparation and evaluation of hyperbranched polymers embedded with nanoparticles like montmorillonite clay and phosphosilicate, aiming at enhancing their dielectric and optical properties. Through her investigations, she explores the potential of these materials in fields such as electrical applications, planar optical waveguides, and friction coefficient modulation. Eman’s dedication to advancing nanotechnology contributes significantly to the development of innovative solutions for industrial and scientific challenges. 🔬✨


Eman Helmy Ahmed Abdelmonaim | Pharmaceutical Sector Award | Women Researcher Award

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