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Assoc Prof Dr. Francisco Avila | Visual Optics Award | Best Researcher Award

Assoc Prof Dr. Francisco Avila, University of Zaragoza, Spain

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Francisco Avila is an esteemed educator and researcher in the field of Optometry, specializing in ocular sciences. Holding a Cum Laude Ph.D. in Vision Sciences, awarded by the Faculty of Medicine, Murcia, Spain, he excels in polarization and multiphoton microscopy. With a knack for teaching, he has conducted various courses, including Optometry and Optical Technology, at the University of Zaragoza. Dr. Avila’s expertise extends to supervising numerous successful final year projects, enriching the academic landscape with his insights. Passionate about advancing eye care, he continues to inspire students and contribute to innovative research 🎓🔬.


Publication Profile


Dr. Francisco Avila earned his doctoral degree in Vision Sciences from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Murcia, Spain. His thesis, titled “Polarización y microscopia multifotónica para el análisis de estructuras oculares,” explored cutting-edge techniques in polarization and multiphoton microscopy for ocular structure analysis. Under the guidance of esteemed mentors Juan Manuel Bueno García and Melanie C.W. Campbell, Dr. Avila’s research garnered him the distinction of Cum Laude. His exceptional work in advancing eye care earned him a special doctorate award, marking his commitment to excellence in vision science and research 🎓🔬.

Teaching Experience

Dr. Francisco Avila’s teaching journey is marked by his dedication to nurturing future optometrists and researchers. With expertise spanning courses like Optical Technology, Optometry, and Visual Optics at the University of Zaragoza, he imparts invaluable knowledge and skills to his students. His commitment extends to guiding final year projects, where he collaborates with aspiring scholars on innovative research topics. Notably, his supervision has led to outstanding achievements, such as the design of novel optical instruments and insightful studies on ocular conditions like nocturnal myopia. Dr. Avila’s passion for education and mentorship shines through, shaping the next generation of vision science professionals 📚👁️.


Research Focus

Dr. Francisco Avila’s research focus lies at the intersection of optical imaging and ocular tissue analysis, particularly utilizing advanced microscopy techniques such as second harmonic generation microscopy. His work delves into quantifying collagen organization, assessing corneal health, and exploring polarization properties in various eye conditions. By investigating collagen distribution, corneal thickness, and retinal morphology, Dr. Avila contributes significantly to our understanding of ocular pathologies and diagnostic methodologies. His dedication to advancing optical imaging in ophthalmology fosters innovative approaches for diagnosing and monitoring eye diseases, ultimately enhancing patient care and vision health worldwide 🕵️‍♂️🔬👁️.



Francisco Avila | Visual Optics Award | Best Researcher Award

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