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Mr. Islam Abdelnabi | Electrocatalysts Award | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Islam Abdelnabi, Beni-Suef University, Egypt

Islam Abdelnabi, an Egyptian physicist, currently serves as a Physics Demonstrator and Researcher at Beni Suef University’s Faculty of Science. His expertise spans various research areas, including perovskite development, photocatalysis, and electrocatalysis for water splitting applications. With a strong background in nanophotonics and materials science, he has interned internationally in Taiwan and France, showcasing his global perspective. Passionate about scientific writing, Islam has authored papers in prestigious journals and actively contributes to research on sustainable energy solutions. Outside academia, he enjoys football, running, and reading. πŸŒπŸ”¬πŸ“


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Work Experience

Islam Abdelnabi has been an integral part of Beni Suef University’s Faculty of Science, Egypt, serving as a Physics Science Researcher. His role extends to supervising research activities within the Physics Department, showcasing his leadership skills. Notably, he’s a member of the Material Technologies and their Applications Lab (MTA Lab), contributing to innovative research since April 2022. Prior to this, Islam volunteered as a researcher’s assistant in the nanophotonic research lab, demonstrating his commitment to scientific exploration. His academic achievements, including winning second place in the IBN El-Haitham Local Contest, reflect his dedication to excellence. Outside academia, Islam has organized scientific committees, emphasizing his passion for advancing knowledge. πŸŽ“πŸ”¬

Awards and Honors

Islam Abdelnabi’s academic journey at Beni-Suef University is adorned with numerous accolades, showcasing his exceptional aptitude and dedication. In 2015, he clinched the top spot in the Chemistry-Physics Department, marking the beginning of his academic excellence. The following year, he earned a coveted place on the Dean’s List of the Faculty of Science, a testament to his scholarly achievements. In 2017, he secured second place in the prestigious IBN EL-Haitham Contest for Scientific Juniors, further highlighting his prowess in the field. Graduating in 2018 as the second-ranked student in the Chemistry-Physics Department solidifies his commitment to scholarly pursuits and academic distinction. πŸ†πŸŽ“


Research Focus

Islam Saad’s research focus primarily revolves around environmental remediation and sustainable technology development. His work spans various domains, including photocatalytic oxidation techniques for water decontamination, advanced adsorption methods for pollutant removal, and the synthesis of eco-friendly photocatalysts and adsorbents. Through innovative approaches and interdisciplinary collaborations, Saad aims to address pressing environmental challenges and contribute to the advancement of green technologies. His dedication to sustainable solutions is reflected in his diverse portfolio of research publications, emphasizing his commitment to creating a cleaner and healthier environment. πŸŒ±πŸ”¬


Publication Top Notes

  1. Efficient photocatalytic removal of safarnin-O dye pollutants from water under sunlight πŸ“– (Cited by: 35, 2018)
  2. Characterization of Fe0@ Chitosan/Cellulose structure as effective green adsorbent for methyl Parathion, malachite Green, and levofloxacin Removal πŸ“– (Cited by: 18, 2022)
  3. Recent advances in photocatalytic oxidation techniques for decontamination of water πŸ“– (Cited by: 17, 2023)
  4. Insight into the synergetic, steric and energetic properties of zeolitization and cellulose fiber functionalization of diatomite during the adsorption of Cd (ii): advanced πŸ“– (Cited by: 7, 2023)
  5. Enhanced oxidation of antibiotic residuals (Levofloxacin) using a green composite of ZnO@ polyaniline/bentonite (Zn@ PA/BE) as multifunctional photocatalyst under visible light πŸ“– (Cited by: 6, 2024)
  6. Synthesis of Co3O4Β @ Organo/Polymeric Bentonite Structures as Environmental Photocatalysts and Antibacterial Agents for Enhanced Removal of Methyl …
  7. Statistical modeling and optimization in separation and purification
  8. Recent hydrogen production strategies: Recent advances in electrocatalysis
  9. Synergetic and advanced isotherm investigation for the enhancement influence of zeolitization and Ξ²-cyclodextrin hybridization on the retention efficiency of U (vi) ions by …
  10. Insight into the adsorption properties of methoxy bentonite (MXBE) as an environmental adsorbent for malachite green dye: statistical physics modelling



Islam Abdelnabi | Electrocatalysts Award | Best Researcher Award

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