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Dr. Joseph Seong | Controlled Environment Agriculture Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Joseph Seong, Michigan State University, United States

Dr. Joseph Seong is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Michigan State University, specializing in Economics and Agricultural Economics. His research focuses on optimizing indoor agriculture for sustainability, with expertise in consumer preferences and market trends. With a Ph.D. from MSU and extensive experience in research and teaching, he excels in developing innovative solutions for food production challenges. Fluent in English and Korean, he is proficient in various technical tools including Python, R, and Qualtrics. Outside academia, Joseph is passionate about mentoring students and has a background in education. πŸŒ±πŸ“Š


Publication Profile

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Joseph holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics from Michigan State University, specializing in Food and Agricultural Economics. He earned his M.A. in Economics from the University of Missouri – Columbia and a B.A. in Economics and Classical Chinese Education from Sungkyunkwan University.

Research Experience

As a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at MSU, Joseph focuses on optimizing indoor agriculture, integrating environmental factors and market preferences. He led projects funded by USDA-NIFA and contributed extensively to consumer segmentation and marketing strategy analysis.


Recipient of multiple scholarships and awards, Joseph is fluent in English and Korean, with proficiency in technical tools like Python and Qualtrics.

Research Focus

Joseph Seong’s research is centered around sustainable indoor agriculture, exploring consumer attitudes, preferences, and economic-environmental trade-offs. He investigates the acceptance and optimization strategies for indoor agriculture, focusing on the benefits versus advanced technology. Through various studies, including choice experiments with US consumers, Joseph delves into the profitability and emerging economics of indoor farming systems like PFALs (Plant Factories with Artificial Lighting). His work also addresses practical aspects such as optimal planting density and production planning, aiming to define efficient schedules and farm sizes for indoor farms. Overall, Joseph’s research contributes to advancing sustainable practices in indoor agriculture.


Publication Top NotesΒ 

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πŸ“š Consumer Acceptance and Optimization Strategies for Sustainable Indoor Agriculture: Exploring Attitudes, Preferences, and Economic-Environmental Trade-Offs by J Seong (2023) πŸ”„πŸŒ


Joseph Seong | Controlled Environment Agriculture Award | Best Researcher Award

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