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Dr. Kamel B.H.Miled | Financial Management | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Kamel B.H.Miled, University of Sousse, Tunisia

Dr. Kamel B.H. Miled 🌟, Ph.D. in Finance, is an Assistant Professor at Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia. He earned his doctorate from the University of Sousse, Tunisia, and is affiliated with the Laboratory of Management of Innovation and Sustainable Development. Specializing in Behavioral Finance, Fin-tech, and Renewable Energy, he’s published in prestigious journals and presented at international conferences. Dr. Kamel’s expertise spans Financial Economics, Real Estate Investment, and Microfinance. With a passion for emerging markets, he excels in financial modeling and analysis. 📈🏡🔬


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Education and qualifications:

Dr. Kamel B.H. Miled pursued his education at Université de Sousse, completing his studies at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion de Sousse, Tunisia. Graduating with a degree in Gestion (Management), he laid the foundation for his illustrious career in finance and academia. 📚🎓 His academic journey reflects his commitment to excellence, with his qualifications recognized by esteemed organizations such as RINGGOLD and ISNI. This educational background not only equipped him with theoretical knowledge but also instilled in him the drive and passion to excel in his chosen field. 🌟



Dr. Kamel B.H. Miled has been serving as an Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Shaqra University’s College of Science and Humanities in Dawadmi, Saudi Arabia. 🏫 With a dedication to imparting knowledge and fostering academic growth, he contributes actively to the university’s vibrant academic community. His employment at Shaqra University underscores his commitment to education and research in the field of finance. 📚💼 Dr. Kamel’s role as an Assistant Professor allows him to mentor aspiring business leaders while also engaging in scholarly pursuits to advance the understanding of financial concepts and practices.


Research Focus:

Dr. Kamel B.H. Miled’s research primarily focuses on the intersection of finance and socio-economic development, with a particular emphasis on microfinance and its impact on poverty reduction. 🌍 Through cross-country and panel data analyses, he investigates the efficacy of microfinance program innovation in alleviating income inequality. His work delves into diverse contexts, from the role of microfinance in women entrepreneurship development in Tunisia to its potential to reduce poverty in developing countries. 📊💰 Dr. Kamel’s dedication to understanding the dynamics of finance and entrepreneurship underscores his commitment to fostering inclusive economic growth and sustainability.

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Kamel B.H.Miled | Financial Management | Best Researcher Award

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