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Mrs. Maria Rita Nogueira | Digital Media Award | Best Researcher Award

Mrs. Maria Rita Nogueira, Manchester Metropolitan University/School of Digital Arts, United Kingdom

🎨 Maria Rita Nogueira is a multifaceted lecturer, researcher, and artist based in England. With a Ph.D. in Contemporary Arts, she spearheads innovative exploration at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Department of Digital Art. Maria fosters creativity and critical thinking in web design and user experience, intertwining interdisciplinary perspectives. Her research at the Institute of Systems and Robotics in Coimbra and the Center for Research in Territory, Architecture, and Design in Lisbon reflects her dedication to pushing the boundaries of interactive art, integrating AI with dance performance. Maria’s dynamic career bridges academia, design, and performance, democratizing art through immersive experiences worldwide. πŸŒŸπŸŽ“πŸŽ­


Publication Profile

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πŸŽ“ Academic Career

Maria Rita Nogueira is a Lecturer and Researcher at Manchester Metropolitan University, where she fosters a dynamic learning environment in web design and user experience. With a background in Contemporary Arts and Design from the University of Coimbra, Portugal, she guides students through the design thinking process, emphasizing experimentation and critical thinking. Her interdisciplinary exploration extends to her research at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, where she pushes the boundaries of interactive art by integrating emerging technologies with dance performance. 🌐

Research Focus

πŸ” Maria Rita Nogueira’s research primarily focuses on the intersection of art, technology, and human experience. Through her work, she explores innovative applications of digital technologies, such as machine learning and augmented reality, in fields like chronic pain management and artistic expression. Her studies delve into the efficacy of online-based interventions for chronic pain self-management and the usability of e-health mobile applications. Additionally, Maria investigates the impact of machine learning on dance performance, aiming to create new visual perceptions and enhance artistic experiences. Her multidisciplinary approach combines elements of psychology, human-computer interaction, and performance arts, enriching both research and creative endeavors. 🎨


Publication Top Notes

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Maria Rita Nogueira | Digital Media Award | Best Researcher Award

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