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Prof. Mykola Kharytonov | Plant Physiology Award | Best Researcher Award

Prof. Mykola Kharytonov, Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University, Ukraine

Mykola M. Kharytonov, D. Sc., is a distinguished soil scientist and environmental researcher based in Ukraine. 🌱 With expertise spanning soil science, biomass production, and environmental monitoring, he holds a prominent position at Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University. 🏫 Kharytonov’s extensive contributions include international collaborations, such as EU projects and NATO initiatives, focusing on land reclamation, bioenergy, and pollution assessment. 🌍 His research, spanning numerous publications and honors, underscores his commitment to sustainable agriculture and ecological conservation. πŸŒΎπŸ”¬βœ¨

Publication Profile



Mykola M. Kharytonov pursued a diverse educational journey, reflecting his multidisciplinary expertise πŸŽ“. He attained his Habilitation Doctor of Agricultural Science (Ecology) from Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian University in Ukraine in 2010, showcasing his commitment to advancing ecological knowledge in agricultural practices. Earlier, he earned his Ph.D. in Feeding & Food Technology from Leningrad Agricultural University in the former USSR in 1985. His educational foundation includes Master of Science degrees in Biology from Dnipropetrovsk State University in 1980 and in Heat Power Technique from Dniprodzerzhinsk Industrial Institute in Ukraine in 1975 πŸ“š. This diverse academic background underpins his holistic approach to environmental research and agricultural science.

Research Focus

Mykola Kharytonov, along with a team of contributors, delves into the innovative realm of agriculture, specifically focusing on the production of Sweet Sorghum Bio-Feedstock. Their research, published in 2023, explores the utilization of municipal sewage sludge treated with flocculant on Technosol in Ukraine 🌾. This study not only addresses agricultural practices but also integrates environmental concerns by repurposing waste materials. Mykola Kharytonov’s involvement underscores his dedication to sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship. Through collaborative efforts with fellow researchers, they aim to contribute to the advancement of eco-friendly agricultural techniques, fostering a harmonious balance between agricultural productivity and environmental responsibility.


Mykola Kharytonov | Plant Physiology Award | Best Researcher Award

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