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Prof. Nurhayat Barlas | Biology Award | Best Researcher Award

Prof. Nurhayat Barlas, Dept. of Biology, Turkey

👩‍🔬 Prof. Nurhayat Barlas is a distinguished Professor at Hacettepe University in Turkey, specializing in Biology with a focus on toxicology and developmental biology. With extensive expertise in endocrine disruptors, her research delves into the effects of chemicals like phthalates and bisphenol A on reproductive health. She has authored numerous publications, contributing significantly to the understanding of environmental impacts on organisms. As an active member of various scientific societies including EUROTOX and IUTOX, she remains committed to advancing knowledge in ecotoxicology and histopathology, aiming to safeguard environmental and human health.


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Academic Qualification 

📚 Prof. Nurhayat Barlas has pursued an illustrious academic journey at Hacettepe University, Turkey, spanning over four decades. Beginning with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology in 1985, she delved deeper into her field with a Master’s and a Doctorate, specializing in Zoology. Over the years, she ascended through the academic ranks, serving as an Assistant Professor from 1995 to 1997, followed by an Associate Professorship until 2003. Since then, she has held the esteemed position of Professor at the Department of Biology, demonstrating her enduring dedication to education, research, and leadership in the field of biology. 🌱


Research Focus

🔬 Prof. Nurhayat Barlas’s research focus primarily revolves around environmental toxicology, with a particular emphasis on the effects of various chemicals and pollutants on biological systems. Her work spans across a range of topics, including the impact of endocrine-disrupting chemicals like bisphenol A and nonylphenol on liver and brain health, as well as the assessment of heavy metal residues in aquatic environments. Through her studies on oxidative damage, genotoxic potential, and reproductive toxicity, Prof. Barlas contributes significantly to understanding the implications of environmental pollutants on human and animal health, providing valuable insights for environmental management and public health policies. 🌱


Publication Top Notes 

📚 “Influence of vitamin C on bisphenol A, nonylphenol and octylphenol induced oxidative damages in liver of male rats” cited by 221, published in 2010.
📚 “Assessment of heavy metal residues in the sediment and water samples of Uluabat Lake, Turkey” cited by 152, published in 2005.
📚 “The effect of vitamin C on bisphenol A, nonylphenol and octylphenol induced brain damages of male rats” cited by 145, published in 2008.
📚 “Carbendazim-induced haematological, biochemical and histopathological changes to the liver and kidney of male rats” cited by 139, published in 2001.
📚 “Determination of organochlorine pesticide residues in various environments and organisms in Göksu Delta, Turkey” cited by 126, published in 1997.
📚 “A pilot study of heavy metal concentration in various environments and fishes in the upper Sakarya River Basin, Turkey” cited by 102, published in 1999.
Nurhayat Barlas | Biology Award | Best Researcher Award

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