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Prof. Dr. Relwende Sawadogo | Economie Award | Best Researcher Award

Prof. Dr. Relwende Sawadogo, Université Joseph ki-ZERBO, Burkina Faso

Prof. Dr. Relwende Sawadogo is an accomplished scholar and educator in the field of economics, specializing in development economics and financial inclusion. With a background spanning prestigious institutions like Université d’Auvergne and University of Ouagadougou, Sawadogo has contributed extensively to academic literature, publishing numerous articles in esteemed journals. Their research focuses on diverse topics including financial development, income inequality, and the impact of natural resources on economic growth. As an educator, Sawadogo has taught a wide array of courses, demonstrating a passion for knowledge dissemination. 📚🌍 #Economics #Development #Education


Publication Profile


Dr. Relwende Sawadogo has carved a distinguished path in the realm of economics 📚. Their educational journey began at the University of Ouagadougou, where they obtained a DEUG II in Economics and Management with honors. Subsequently, they pursued higher studies, earning a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Macroecnomics and Development Management from the same institution, both with commendable distinctions. Their academic odyssey culminated in a Doctorate in Development Economics from the University of Auvergne, France, cementing their expertise in the field. In 2013-2016, Sawadogo furthered their credentials with an Agrégation in Economics from CAMES, marking a pinnacle of academic achievement.

Professional Experience

Dr. Relwende Sawadogo’s professional journey reflects a diverse array of roles and responsibilities 🌟. From meticulously evaluating the strategic plans of institutions like the University of Ouagadougou to presiding over regulatory councils such as the ARCEP-Burkina, Sawadogo has showcased leadership and analytical prowess. Their contributions extend to academia, where they have not only taught a spectrum of economics courses at prestigious universities but also engaged in research and publication activities. Additionally, their involvement in crafting performance contracts and strategic plans underscores a commitment to enhancing organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Sawadogo’s multifaceted career embodies a dedication to academia, research, and institutional advancement. 📊🎓


Research Focus

Dr. Relwende Sawadogo’s research primarily focuses on economic development in sub-Saharan Africa 🌍. Through a series of scholarly articles published in reputable journals, Sawadogo delves into various aspects of development economics, including financial inclusion, income inequality, and the impact of natural resource rents. Their investigations span the realms of banking, insurance, investment, and public policy, offering valuable insights into the dynamics shaping economic growth and stability in the region. With a keen emphasis on empirical analysis and theoretical frameworks, Sawadogo’s research contributes significantly to understanding the complexities of economic development and informs policymakers and scholars alike. 📊🔍


Publication Top Notes
  1. “Do natural resources rents reduce income inequality?” by Sawadogo, R. & Ouoba, Y. (2024) 📄
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    • Year of publication: 2024
  2. “Does financial development really spur industrialization in sub-Saharan African countries?” by Kinda, S.R. & Sawadogo, R. (2023) 📈
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    • Year of publication: 2023
  3. “Access to the banking sector and employment in Africa” by Ouédraogo, R., Sawadogo, R., & Sawadogo, H. (2021) 💼
    • Cited by: 1
    • Year of publication: 2021
  4. Financial inclusion, income inequality, and institutions in sub-Saharan Africa: Identifying cross-country inequality regimes” by Sawadogo, R. & Semedo, G. (2021) 💰
    • Cited by: 22
    • Year of publication: 2021
  5. “The relationship between insurance and banking sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa: Does globalization matter?” by Sawadogo, R. (2021) 🏦
    • Cited by: 0
    • Year of publication: 2021
  6. “Private and public investment in sub-Saharan Africa: The role of instability risks” by Ouédraogo, R., Sawadogo, R., & Sawadogo, H. (2020) 💼
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    • Year of publication: 2020
  7. “Impact of Public Investment on Private Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Crowding In or Crowding Out?” by Ouédraogo, R., Sawadogo, H., & Sawadogo, R. (2019) 📊
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    • Year of publication: 2019
  8. “Insurance development and international trade in developing countries” by Sawadogo, R. (2019) 🌍
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  9. “Life insurance development and economic growth: Evidence from developing countries” by Sawadogo, R., Guerineau, S., & Ouedraogo, I.M. (2018) 📈
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    • Year of publication: 2018
  10. “Foreign direct investment and insurance in developing countries: Beyond the income effect” by Sawadogo, R., Guérineau, S., & Idrissa Ouedraogo, M. (2018) 📈


Relwende Sawadogo | Economie Award | Best Researcher Award

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