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Mr. Sivayazi Kappagantula | Autonomous intelligent systems | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Sivayazi Kappagantula, MIT Manipal, India

Dr. Sivayazi Kappagantula is an accomplished Roboticist, experienced in Software, Defense, and Aerospace industries. With expertise in ROS, Python, and SolidWorks, he has excelled in teaching and research roles, notably at Manipal Institute of Technology and Defence Institute of Advanced Technology. His doctoral focus at Vellore Institute of Technology delves into autonomous robotics and reinforcement learning. Dr. Kappagantula’s contributions include designing biomimetic robots and pioneering motion planning algorithms for unmanned vehicles. Recognized for his patents and publications, he continues to shape the field through workshops, conferences, and guided student projects. πŸ€–πŸ“š


Publication Profile

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πŸ“š Education

Undertaking doctoral studies at Vellore Institute of Technology, Sivayazi delves into the complexities of motion planning in autonomous robotics, focusing on reinforcement learning and path planning. His master’s thesis explored the control algorithm of a biomimetic robot fish for underwater exploration.

Professional Experience

Sivayazi Kappagantula boasts a rich background in Robotics, having contributed significantly across various sectors including academia, defense, and software industries. Currently serving as an Assistant Professor at Manipal Institute of Technology, Udupi, he supervises academic projects, publishes papers, and conducts robotics lab sessions.

Research Focus

Sivayazi Kappagantula’s research primarily centers around robotics and autonomous systems, with a particular emphasis on developing innovative solutions for obstacle avoidance, navigation, and control in various domains. His work spans diverse applications, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), biomimetic robot fish, and sea surface vehicles. By leveraging advanced techniques such as fuzzy logic algorithms and reinforcement learning, he aims to enhance the autonomy, efficiency, and adaptability of robotic systems. Through his contributions, Sivayazi endeavors to advance the field of robotics and address real-world challenges in areas like defense, agriculture, and environmental monitoring. 🌐


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Sivayazi Kappagantula | Autonomous intelligent systems | Best Researcher Award

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