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Dr. Solomon Chibaya | Education Leadership Award | Academic Engagement Excellence Award

Dr. Solomon Chibaya, University of the Free State, South Africa

Dr. Solomon Chibaya is an accomplished educator and researcher specializing in Education Leadership and Policy Studies. With a Doctorate from the University of Witwatersrand, he has extensive experience in teaching, curriculum development, and postgraduate supervision. 🎓 His research interests include ethical leadership, internationalization of higher education, and science/mathematics education. As a recipient of various scholarships and awards, including the Education International Scholarship, his dedication to academic excellence is evident. Dr. Chibaya is committed to fostering excellence in education within dynamic environments. 🌍 You can find his scholarly contributions in reputable journals and conferences worldwide.


Publication Profile


Academic Qualification 

Dr. Solomon Chibaya has pursued an illustrious academic journey, culminating in his Doctor of Education in Education Leadership from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2021. 🎓 Prior to this, he earned a Master of Education in Leadership and Management, excelling in areas such as Issues in Educational Leadership and Management. His foundational education includes a Bachelor of Education in Further Education and Training, with distinctions in subjects like Biology and Mathematics, from the University of South Africa. Dr. Chibaya’s commitment to education is evident in his diverse qualifications, including a Diploma in Education from Gateway Teacher Training Trust, Zimbabwe. 🌟


Work Experience

Dr. Solomon Chibaya’s professional journey reflects a deep dedication to education across diverse settings. 🏫 He served as a Lecturer Assistant at the University of the Witwatersrand, providing invaluable support in B.Ed. Honours research supervision. Concurrently, he was an Assistant Lecturer, shaping minds in Leadership, Management, and Organizational Development in Education. Dr. Chibaya’s commitment extended to marking responsibilities for B.Ed. and B.Ed. Honours programs. Prior to academia, he honed his teaching skills at various South African schools, covering subjects ranging from Physical Sciences and Mathematics to Life Sciences. His rich experience spans both South Africa and Zimbabwe, underscoring his passion for education. 🌟


Dr. Solomon Chibaya’s teaching activities encompass a range of educational levels and subjects, showcasing his versatility and expertise. 📚 While guiding B.Ed. Honours students in courses like Leadership, Management, and Organizational Development in Education, he didn’t develop the curriculum himself. Additionally, he facilitated second-year B.Ed. Honours students through their Research Projects, contributing to their academic growth. In fourth-year B.Ed., Dr. Chibaya played a vital role in supervising Teaching Practice, ensuring aspiring educators received hands-on experience in real classroom settings. His commitment to fostering the next generation of educators is evident in his diverse teaching engagements. 🌟



Dr. Solomon Chibaya’s scholarly contributions have garnered prestigious recognition, affirming his dedication to academic excellence. 🏅 In November 2019, he was honored as a Golden Key International Awardee, a testament to his outstanding achievements in education. Furthermore, Dr. Chibaya’s commitment to research was acknowledged with the Education International bursary in 2017, highlighting his impactful contributions to the field. These accolades underscore his passion for advancing knowledge and his significant contributions to the academic community, inspiring others in their scholarly pursuits. 🌟


Research Focus

Dr. Solomon Chibaya’s research focus lies in ethical leadership within the context of educational settings facing turbulence and multiple deprivation. 🏫 His recent publication, “Navigating the ethical quagmire: an in-depth analysis of ethical leadership practices amidst turbulence and multiple deprivation in four Zimbabwean schools,” published in the International Journal of Leadership in Education, exemplifies his dedication to exploring complex ethical dilemmas in school leadership. Through meticulous analysis, Dr. Chibaya sheds light on effective leadership strategies essential for maintaining ethical standards in challenging environments. His work contributes significantly to the understanding of ethical leadership dynamics, offering insights crucial for educational leaders worldwide. 🌟



Solomon Chibaya | Education Leadership Award | Academic Engagement Excellence Award

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