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Dr. Teresa Buchaca | Biological Sciences | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Teresa Buchaca, CEAB-CSIC, Spain

👩‍🔬 Dr. Teresa Buchaca is a dedicated researcher with expertise in ecology. She earned her PhD in Biology from the Universitat de Barcelona in 2005 and holds a Master’s degree in Ecology from the same institution. With a strong academic background, she has held various research positions, including at the Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Blanes and Aarhus Universitet. Her work focuses on freshwater ecology, evident from her postdoctoral fellowships at the National Environmental Research Institute in Denmark. Dr. Buchaca’s commitment to scientific inquiry spans over two decades, marked by significant contributions to the field.

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Education and qualifications :

🎓 Dr. Teresa Buchaca has pursued a distinguished academic journey, culminating in her notable achievements in the field of ecology. Her educational odyssey commenced at the Universitat de Barcelona, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biology in 1995. Building upon this foundation, she ventured into specialized areas, earning a Master’s degree in Ecology from the same institution in 1998. Driven by a passion for scientific exploration, she expanded her knowledge through postgraduate studies on chromatography at Universitat Ramon Llull in 1996. This relentless pursuit of excellence ultimately led her to achieve a PhD in Biology from the Universitat de Barcelona in 2005, solidifying her expertise in the field. 🌱

Employment :

🔬 Dr. Teresa Buchaca’s professional journey reflects a rich tapestry of research endeavors spanning over two decades. She began as a Research Assistant in Ecology at Universitat de Barcelona, igniting her passion for scientific exploration from 1996 to 1997. This fervor led her to continue her academic pursuits, securing roles at esteemed institutions like Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Blanes, where she served in various capacities, including as a Postdoctoral Research Associate and a Research Assistant. Dr. Buchaca’s international exposure includes stints at Aarhus Universitet and the National Environmental Research Institute in Denmark, further enriching her expertise in freshwater ecology. Her dedication to advancing scientific knowledge is unwavering. 🌿

Research Focus:

Teresa Buchaca’s research primarily revolves around the ecology and conservation of freshwater ecosystems, with a particular emphasis on high mountain lakes 🏞️. Her work spans various topics, including the impacts of non-native fish species on native biodiversity, the effects of climate change on aquatic habitats, and the evaluation of monitoring programs for understanding global change effects. Buchaca also investigates paleoecological records in lake sediments to reconstruct past environmental changes and their implications for present-day ecosystems. Her research contributes significantly to understanding the dynamics of fragile aquatic environments and informing conservation strategies in mountainous regions.


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Teresa Buchaca | Biological Sciences | Best Researcher Award

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