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Prof. Troner Assenheimer | Petróleo Award | Best Researcher Award

Prof. Troner Assenheimer, UFF, Brazil

👨‍🔬 Dr. Troner Assenheimer de Souza is a Brazilian Chemical Engineer with a Ph.D. from UFRJ. With expertise in Petroleum and Petrochemicals, he specializes in emulsion stability and electrocoalescence. His research, spanning from academia to industry, focuses on optimizing processes in oil and gas extraction. Currently a Professor at UFF, he teaches courses in Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering while actively contributing as a scientific journal referee. Dr. Souza’s dedication to advancing the field is evident through his numerous publications and academic advisories. Passionate about education, he continuously enhances his teaching methodologies. 📚


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Troner Assenheimer de Souza’s academic journey reflects a profound dedication to Chemical Engineering, marked by significant milestones. His doctoral research at UFRJ delved into the intricate realm of emulsion stability under electric fields, utilizing advanced microscopy techniques and pilot plant experiments. Under the mentorship of Frederico Wanderley Tavares and Marcio Nele, Souza’s thesis culminated in 2018, showcasing his expertise in this specialized field. Prior to his doctorate, Souza pursued a Master’s degree at UFPR, investigating emulsion inversion using solid particles, supported by a scholarship from the National Petroleum Agency. His undergraduate studies at UFPR laid the foundation, focusing on the production of formaldehyde under the guidance of esteemed advisors. 🎓


Research and Teaching Experience

Souza’s academic journey includes pivotal roles at leading Brazilian universities. From his doctoral research at UFRJ to postdoctoral work, Souza has consistently contributed to the field of Chemical Engineering. His current position as a professor at UFF underscores his dedication to nurturing future engineers. Through his teaching and research endeavors, Souza bridges theoretical knowledge with practical applications, preparing students for the challenges of the industry. 📚

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Troner Assenheimer | Petróleo Award | Best Researcher Award

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