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Mr. Wa Ntita Serge Kabongo | Health Economics Award | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Wa Ntita Serge Kabongo, University of Kwazulu Natal, Canada

Professor Phocenah Nyatanga serves as the Acting College Dean of Research & Higher Degrees at the College of Law and Management Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal. With a distinguished career in academia, Prof. Nyatanga has contributed significantly to the fields of law and management studies. Their expertise lies in research and higher education management, guiding students and faculty towards academic excellence. Prof. Nyatanga’s leadership fosters an environment of innovation and scholarly pursuit, ensuring the institution’s continued success. They embody a commitment to nurturing the next generation of scholars and professionals.


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WNS Kabongo’s research primarily focuses on health economics and consumer behavior within the African context. Their work delves into understanding the demand-side determinants of access to healthcare services and the effectiveness of public health spending in Sub-Saharan Africa. Through empirical evidence and modeling techniques, Kabongo explores the intricacies of healthcare accessibility and the impact of economic factors on private consumption expenditure. Their contributions shed light on critical aspects of health policy and economic development, aiming to inform decision-makers and researchers alike in shaping effective strategies for improving healthcare access and resource allocation in the region.



Wa Ntita Serge Kabongo | Health Economics Award | Best Researcher Award

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