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Xiaorong Ma | Distributed leadership Award | Best Researcher Award

Xiaorong Ma, Langfang Normal University, Hebei, China

Xiaorong Ma is a dedicated educator and researcher with expertise in Educational Leadership, Teacher Collaboration, and Network Analysis. Holding a Ph.D. from Beijing Normal University, Ma has contributed significantly to the field through publications and presentations at international conferences. As a Postdoctoral Researcher at Clemson University, Ma has been involved in prestigious NSF projects, showcasing expertise in data analysis and project management. With a rich teaching background in both China and the United States, Ma excels in curriculum development and student engagement. Fluent in English and skilled in statistical analysis software, Ma is committed to advancing education ๐ŸŽ“.

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Xiaorong Ma’s educational odyssey reflects a commitment to academic excellence and cross-cultural learning. Beginning with a Bachelor of Arts in English from Ningxia University, China, Ma laid the foundation for a career in education. This was followed by a Master of Science Cum Laude in Education from the University of Groningen, Netherlands, where Ma honed scholarly pursuits. The culmination of this academic voyage was a Ph.D. in Education from Beijing Normal University, China, solidifying Ma’s expertise in the field. Through unwavering dedication and scholarly pursuits, Ma continues to shape the landscape of education with a global perspective ๐ŸŒ.

Research Experience

Xiaorong Ma has been actively engaged in various projects that contribute to the advancement of education. From 2018 to present, as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Clemson University under the NSF NRT and NSF RED Programs, Ma has been involved in collecting and analyzing network data, while also presenting project findings to diverse audiences. This role also involves close collaboration with peers to ensure the smooth progression of projects, alongside contributing to technical reports and publications. Prior to this, Ma served as a Research Assistant at Beijing Normal University, participating in initiatives such as the Primary School Development Planning Program and the Diagnosis and Promotion of Instructional Leadership in Primary and Secondary Schools project. In these roles, Ma facilitated meetings, conducted surveys, and contributed to the dissemination of research findings, showcasing a commitment to scholarship and academic excellence ๐Ÿ“Š.


Training Experience

Xiaorong Ma’s training journey is marked by a quest for knowledge and expertise in advanced research methodologies. Attending esteemed institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University and Peking University, Ma has delved into diverse subjects like Dynamic Network Analysis, Hierarchical Linear Modeling, and Structural Equation Modeling. These experiences have equipped Ma with a robust toolkit for analyzing complex data sets and understanding organizational dynamics. Through rigorous training sessions, Ma has honed skills essential for conducting high-quality research, paving the way for innovative contributions to the field of education. ๐Ÿ“š


Research Focus

Xiaorong Ma’s research focus predominantly revolves around educational leadership and its implications on various aspects of teacher effectiveness and organizational dynamics. Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, Ma explores instructional leadership, distributed leadership, and their impact on teacher collaboration, efficacy, and job satisfaction. Additionally, Ma investigates the evaluation of graduate curriculum and identifies priorities for school improvement. With a diverse portfolio of publications spanning different educational contexts, Ma’s work contributes significantly to understanding the complex interplay between leadership, teacher satisfaction, and student outcomes in schools. ๐ŸŽ“


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Xiaorong Ma | Distributed leadership Award | Best Researcher Award

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