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Prof. Xuancan Zhu | Carbon Capture Award | Best Researcher Award

Prof. Xuancan Zhu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Ahmad Murid Partaw is a doctoral candidate at the University of South Florida, specializing in Politics and International Affairs, with an expected graduation date in August 2024. His dissertation focuses on “The Challenge of Legitimacy and Governance in Fragile States: The Case of Afghanistan,” under the guidance of Dr. Steven Roach, Dr. David Jacobson, Dr. Earl Conteh-Morgan, and Dr. Zacharias Pieri.

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Partaw holds a Ph.D. in Politics and International Affairs from the University of South Florida, along with a Master of Arts in Political Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in International Studies and Military Science.

Teaching Experience 👨‍🏫

With expertise in international relations, comparative politics, and globalization, Partaw has taught various courses at the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa, earning accolades such as “best class” and “amazing instructor.”

Research Experience 🔍

Partaw’s research spans roles as a Graduate Assistant, Research Fellow, and Teaching Assistant, contributing to projects on economic analysis, strategic studies, and global diplomacy.

Professional Experience 💼

Partaw served as Afghanistan’s Senior National Representative to the United States Central Command, bringing practical insights to his academic pursuits.

Research Focus 🔬

X Zhu’s research primarily revolves around the development and optimization of adsorption processes for carbon capture and utilization, with a special emphasis on direct air capture (DAC) technologies. His work spans various aspects of DAC, including the synthesis of novel adsorbents, investigation of operating conditions, and design of efficient separation processes. Through his contributions, Zhu aims to address current challenges in industrial carbon dioxide capture and pave the way for sustainable solutions to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. His expertise in elevated-temperature pressure swing adsorption and adsorbent characterization positions him at the forefront of advancements in DAC research.


Publication Top Notes

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Xuancan Zhu | Carbon Capture Award | Best Researcher Award

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