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Prof. Yang Gao | Advanced Functional Materials | Outstanding Scientist Award

Prof. Yang Gao, China Agricultural University, China

🌟 Prof. Yang Gao is a distinguished scholar at China Agricultural University, specializing in elasticity and defects in quasicrystalline materials. With a B.S. from Beijing University of Technology and M.S. and Ph.D. from Peking University, he has made significant contributions to multi-physics phenomena interaction. As a Humboldt scholar and visiting professor at prestigious institutions worldwide, including Harvard and Columbia University, his research spans over 200 journal papers. Prof. Gao’s pioneering work includes developing accurate quasicrystalline beam and plate theories and optimizing material design for reliability and durability. He has received numerous awards, including the Humboldt Fellowship and Natural Science Awards. 🏆


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🔬 Prof. Yang Gao’s research focus lies in the intricate realm of quasicrystalline materials, particularly exploring their mechanical and physical behavior. With pioneering work in elasticity and defects, he has developed theoretical models and exact solutions for various problems in quasicrystal media. Prof. Gao’s investigations encompass multi-physics phenomena, including damage and failure analysis, reliability, and durability optimization. His contributions span from exact solutions for multilayered quasicrystal plates to the refinement of beam and plate theories. Through over 200 journal papers and numerous awards, he continues to advance understanding in this complex field, shedding light on the properties and applications of quasicrystals. 🌐


Yang Gao | Advanced Functional Materials | Outstanding Scientist Award

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