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Assist Prof Dr. Ahmed Khedr | Biochemistry | Excellence in Research

Assist Prof Dr. Ahmed, Faculty of Medicine, Helwan University, Egypt

🎓 Dr. Ahmed Khedr, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Batterjee Medical College, Aseer, Saudi Arabia. He holds a PhD from Cairo University in Medical Biochemistry, focusing on miRNA and lncRNA expressions in systemic sclerosis. With a passion for teaching, Dr. Khedr has instructed various medical biochemistry courses across multiple universities, impacting students globally. His research interests include molecular mechanisms in autoimmune diseases. Recognized for his contributions, he received awards for his commitment to quality education and community service. Dr. Khedr continues to inspire and educate future healthcare professionals through his expertise and dedication.

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🎓 Dr. Ahmed Khedr is a highly qualified professional with a diverse academic background and expertise in Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He earned his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBCH) from Benha University in 2014, laying the foundation for his medical career. Dr. Khedr furthered his education with a Master of Science degree from Cairo University in 2021, where he delved into the intricate relationship between miRNA-22 and serum levels of vitamin D and its receptor in patients with multiple sclerosis, contributing to the understanding of this complex disease.Driven by his passion for research, Dr. Khedr pursued a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Cairo University, which he completed in July 2023. His doctoral thesis focused on exploring the expression of miRNA-133 and lncRNA-H19 and their correlation with serum levels of PKM2 and TGF-β in patients diagnosed with systemic sclerosis, shedding light on potential biomarkers and molecular pathways involved in the pathogenesis of the disease.With his extensive academic journey and research accomplishments, Dr. Khedr stands as a dedicated scholar committed to advancing knowledge in his field and making meaningful contributions to the medical community.


👨‍🏫 Dr. Ahmed Khedr’s professional journey reflects a commitment to academia and healthcare. His career began as a House Officer at Benha University Hospitals from March 2015 to February 2016, where he gained valuable clinical experience in a hospital setting. Transitioning to a role as a General Practitioner with the Ministry of Health in the Qalyubiya government from March 2016 to January 2017, Dr. Khedr contributed to public health initiatives, serving the community with dedication.His passion for education led him to join the University of Cairo as a Demonstrator from February 2017 to December 2020, where he nurtured the academic growth of aspiring healthcare professionals. In January 2021, Dr. Khedr advanced to the position of Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Helwan, further honing his skills in teaching and research.Currently, Dr. Khedr holds the esteemed position of Assistant Professor in the Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department at Batterjee Medical College since May 2023. In this role, he continues to inspire and mentor students while conducting groundbreaking research in his field, shaping the future of healthcare through education and innovation.

Awards and Recognition:

🏅 Dr. Ahmed Khedr’s dedication to excellence and service has been recognized through notable awards and recognition. In February 2019, he received an appreciation certificate for his participation in the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit and community services at the Faculty of Medicine, Helwan University. Additionally, in January 2019, Dr. Khedr was selected as a qualified member of the first aid workshop held at the same institution, showcasing his commitment to healthcare and education. These accolades underscore his passion for contributing to the advancement of medical education and community well-being.

Teaching experience:

👨‍🏫 Dr. Ahmed Khedr’s teaching experience spans various prestigious institutions, reflecting his expertise and dedication to education. Since 2023, he has been imparting medical biochemistry courses and exams to students at Batterjee Medical College in Aseer, Saudi Arabia, catering to the faculties of Medicine, Nursing, and Respiratory Therapy. Prior to this, Dr. Khedr taught medical biochemistry at Badr University in Egypt from 2019 to 2023, engaging students from faculties including Physical Therapy, Oral and Dental Medicine, and Allied Health Sciences. Additionally, he facilitated medical biochemistry courses at Ahram Canadian University and Helwan University, underscoring his commitment to nurturing future healthcare professionals. 📚

Research Focus:

🔬 Dr. Ahmed Khedr’s research focus primarily revolves around the intricate mechanisms underlying non-coding RNAs, particularly microRNAs (miRNAs) and long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs), and their involvement in various pathological conditions. His studies explore the roles of miRNAs and lncRNAs in systemic sclerosis, alopecia areata, and multiple sclerosis, elucidating their interactions with key signaling molecules such as PKM2, TGF-β1, and vitamin D receptor. Through his investigations, Dr. Khedr aims to uncover novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets for these diseases, contributing to advancements in precision medicine and personalized treatment approaches. 🧬

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Ahmed Khedr | Biochemistry | Excellence in Research

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