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Dr. Rainer Feldbacher | History and Archaeology Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Rainer Feldbacher, Capital Normal University, Austria

🌍 Dr. Rainer Feldbacher, a multilingual scholar, earned his Doctorate in Near Eastern Archaeology and Semitic Philology from the University of Vienna. With expertise spanning ancient civilizations and languages, including Latin, Greek, and Akkadian, he has led numerous research projects worldwide. His diverse career includes roles as a distinguished associate professor, high school teacher, and project leader, focusing on cultural heritage and protection. Feldbacher’s dedication extends to fieldwork, IT proficiency, and international collaborations, reflecting his commitment to bridging cultures and advancing scholarly understanding. As an editor for academic publications and a seasoned interpreter, he continues to enrich the global dialogue on ancient civilizations.


Publication Profile



Dr. Rainer Feldbacher pursued a diverse academic journey, earning a Matriculation Examination Certificate from Secondary School III Salzburg in 1995. His thirst for knowledge led him to undertake doctoral studies at the University of Vienna, focusing on Near Eastern Archaeology and Semitic Philology, culminating in a thesis exploring multicultural relations in Tell el cAjjul during the Bronze Age. Prior to his doctoral studies, he delved into Ancient History, Papyrology, and Epigraphy, along with other disciplines, laying a robust foundation for his scholarly pursuits.

Research Focus

🔍 Dr. Rainer Feldbacher’s research focus spans a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects within archaeology, history, and cultural studies. He has a particular interest in exploring interregional contacts in antiquity, as evidenced by his contributions to publications such as “Connected Worlds – Interregional Contacts in Antiquity.” Additionally, Feldbacher delves into topics related to heritage preservation, nomadic lifestyles, and the Silk Road network, as showcased in his works like “Ancient Koguryŏ’s heritage around Ji’an” and “Netzwerk Seidenstraße.” His research often intersects with themes of sustainability, cultural exchange, and societal dynamics, providing valuable insights into ancient civilizations and their enduring legacies.


Publication Top Notes 

Sustainability in antiquity using (the example of) water in the Eurasian region in the form of karez / qanat

Ancient Koguryŏ’s heritage around Ji’an: past and current interpretations

Breve historia de la Ruta de la Seda

“Challenging the World”

“Back to the Routes” – Kyrgyzstan’s Renewal of the Nomadic Life Style

Netzwerk Seidenstraße

Women´s exclusion in Ancient Near Eastern society and their continuation in Abrahamitic religions




Rainer Feldbacher | History and Archaeology Award | Best Researcher Award

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