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Prof Dr. Ryszard Żarów | Antropologia Award | Lifetime achievement Award

Prof Dr. Ryszard Żarów, University School of Phisycal Education, Poland

Prof. Dr. Ryszard Żarów 🎓 is a distinguished academic in physical education and sociology, specializing in the biological and social determinants of human development. With over 100 publications, including in prestigious journals like American Journal of Human Biology, he’s a leading figure in his field. He served as professor and head of the Department of Anthropology at the University School of Physical Education, Krakow. Notably, he chaired various committees and received national awards for his contributions to education and science. Beyond academia, he enjoys cycling, swimming, and traveling. Married to Elizabeth, he has two accomplished children, Martin and Catherine.


Publication Profile


Academic Qualification 

Ryszard Żarów’s academic journey is marked by a diverse educational background. Graduating with degrees in physical education from the University School of Physical Education in Cracow and sociology from Jagiellonian University, he later obtained his doctoral degree in 1985, followed by a postdoctoral degree in 2002 in physical culture sciences. Since 2003, he has held the prestigious position of professor at the University School of Physical Education, Krakow, where he also served as the head of the Department of Anthropology from 2006. His commitment to academia extends beyond teaching, as evidenced by his leadership roles and contributions to various committees.

Research Focus

Ryszard Żarów’s research primarily centers on understanding the dynamics of physical fitness and body composition, particularly in women and men. Through longitudinal studies, he investigates changes in physical fitness and body build over time, shedding light on societal and environmental influences. His work contributes significantly to our understanding of human development and health trends, informing public health initiatives and exercise interventions. With a keen focus on longitudinal data, Żarów’s research provides valuable insights into how physical fitness and body composition evolve, ultimately impacting individuals’ overall well-being and quality of life. 🏋️‍♂️🔬

Publication Top Notes 

Ryszard Żarów | Antropologia Award | Lifetime achievement Award

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