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Mr. Aklilu Chorito | Development Studies Award | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Aklilu Chorito, Addis Ababa University/ African Leadership Excellence Academy, Ethiopia

Aklilu Bekele Chorito is a seasoned Senior Research Consultant and Policy Advisor with expertise in sustainable development and environmental management. With a Doctorate in Development Studies and specialization in Environment and Development, coupled with MA degrees in Human and Economic Development and Diplomacy and International Relations, he possesses a robust academic background. Through roles at organizations like ABM Comprehensive and Consultancy PLC, he has spearheaded impactful projects, including formulating monitoring strategies and conducting energy assessments. A proactive leader, he orchestrates policy dialogues, influences governmental actors, and fosters strategic partnerships for sustainable change. Fluent in English, Amharic, Oromo, and Shekegna, Aklilu embodies dedication to environmental advocacy and inclusive development. 🌍


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πŸŽ“ Aklilu Chorito’s academic journey reflects a commitment to development and environmental sustainability. Currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Development Studies, specializing in Environment and Development at Addis Ababa University’s Center for Environment and Sustainable Development, he delves deep into addressing environmental challenges. His MA degree in Human and Economic Development from Addis Ababa University and another MA in Diplomacy and International Relations from the Ethiopian Civil Service University showcase his interdisciplinary approach to tackling global issues. Aklilu’s foundational BA degree in Administrative Service Management and Technology Systems underscores his diverse skill set. Fluent in English, he embodies excellence in communication across various domains. πŸ“š


Work Experience

🌍 Aklilu Chorito, serving as Senior Research Consultant and Project Manager at ABM Comprehensive and Consultancy PLC since 2019, demonstrates exceptional proficiency in environmental management. He crafts and executes robust monitoring strategies, ensuring transparency and accountability in methodologies and data collection systems. Aklilu conducts thorough energy and carbon impact assessments, devising innovative emission reduction plans for maximum environmental benefit. His proactive approach ensures project activities align with local partners’ commitments, minimizing risks while maximizing outcomes. Aklilu’s impactful presentations convey complex information with clarity, fostering sustainable practices in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Research Focus

πŸ” Aklilu Chorito’s research focus spans across environmental economics and climate policy, with a particular emphasis on carbon trading, REDD+ implementation, and carbon sequestration. Through his work, he explores the socio-economic and environmental impacts of these initiatives, shedding light on their effectiveness and implications for local communities and ecosystems. His studies delve into the intricate dynamics of actors’ participation and power relations in implementing environmental policies, offering valuable insights for policymakers and stakeholders. Aklilu’s dedication to understanding and addressing environmental challenges underscores his commitment to fostering sustainable development in Ethiopia and beyond. 🌱

Aklilu Chorito | Development Studies Award | Best Researcher Award

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