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Mr. Alessio Giovene | Literature Award | Excellence in Academia Award

Mr. Alessio Giovene, Florida Atlantic University, United States

Alessio Giovene is a Ph.D. student at Florida Atlantic University, specializing in Comparative Studies with a focus on Italian Studies and Comparative Literature. With a strong academic background, including an M.A. from the Università di Bologna, Alessio has taught Italian and History at various high schools and served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at FAU. Their research explores themes such as identity, spatial interpretations of literature, and the intersection of disability, racism, and sexism. Alessio has presented at prestigious conferences globally and holds memberships in several academic societies. Awards include the Marco Pozza Research Fellowship. Fluent in Italian and proficient in English. 🎓📚


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Alessio Giovene, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Comparative Studies at Florida Atlantic University, boasts an exemplary academic journey. With a solid foundation in Humanities from Università degli Studi di Parma and an M.A. from Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna, specializing in Italian Studies, their expertise spans European Literary Cultures and Linguistics. Alessio’s scholarly pursuits extend to digital arts, evident through an M.Sc. from RCS Academy, enriching their research with a contemporary edge. Their passion for exploring literary themes, exemplified in their theses, underscores a dedication to academic excellence. Fluent in Italian, their journey epitomizes a commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship. 📚🎓


Alessio Giovene’s professional journey seamlessly integrates academia and education. Currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Florida Atlantic University, they instruct various courses, including beginner and intermediate Italian, Italian cinema, and World Literature. Their commitment to language and culture extends to the Venice Study Abroad Program, where they taught Italian Language and Culture with a focus on Venetian heritage. Prior to this, Alessio honed their teaching skills at high schools in Novara, Italy, where they instructed subjects ranging from Italian and Latin to History. Their multifaceted teaching experience reflects a passion for nurturing academic curiosity and cultural understanding. 📚🍎


Alessio Giovene’s dedication to research and academic excellence has been recognized through prestigious fellowships and awards. In 2023, they were honored with the Marco Pozza Research Fellowship, highlighting their commitment to scholarly inquiry. Additionally, Alessio has received multiple FAU Ph.D. Conference and Research Travel Grant Awards, supporting their participation in conferences and facilitating research endeavors. These accolades underscore their contributions to the academic community and their proactive engagement in scholarly discourse. 🏆🌍


Research Focus

Alessio Giovene’s research encompasses a diverse range of themes within Italian literature and culture. With a keen focus on exploring the intersection of memory, resistance, and spatial dynamics in Giovanni Raboni’s “Le Case della Vetra,” their work delves deep into the intricacies of literary landscapes. Additionally, their scholarship extends to the realm of audiovisual arts, as seen in their analysis of Andrea Zanzotto’s engagement with poetry and “tivucinema.” Through these interdisciplinary inquiries, Alessio contributes significantly to our understanding of literature’s multifaceted relationship with memory, space, and multimedia expression, enriching scholarly discourse with innovative perspectives. 📚🎨

Publication Top Notes

Tra memoria e resistenza: Una lettura spaziale delle Case della Vetra di Giovanni Raboni

Alessio Giovene | Literature Award | Excellence in Academia Award

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