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Prof. Alexey Zhirabok | Technical diagnostics Award | Best Scholar Award.

Prof. Alexey Zhirabok, Far Eastern Federal University, Russia

Prof. Alexey Zhirabok is a renowned professor specializing in automation and control systems. He holds a Ph.D. and is known for his work on algebraic methods for analyzing dynamic systems. He has authored numerous publications and textbooks and is highly respected in the field for his expertise and contributions.

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Prof. Alexey Zhirabok defended his doctoral dissertation in 1996 on the development of algebraic methods for analyzing and diagnosing nonlinear controlled systems. He holds the title of professor since 1998, was awarded the title of Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation in 1999, and has been a Soros Professor since 2000.

Work Experience

He is a professor at the Department of Automation and Control and the Chief Scientific Secretary of the Far Eastern Division of the Russian Engineering Academy. He has extensive experience in the field of automation and control systems.

Research Focus

His research focuses on developing mathematical methods for analyzing and synthesizing dynamic systems described by nonlinear dynamic models. He is particularly known for his work on the algebra of functions and his logical-dynamic approach to diagnosing complex technical systems.

Publication Top Notes 

Interval Estimation in Discrete-Time Linear Systems with Parametric Uncertainties” in the Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International, 2023.

Interval Observers for Continuous-Time Systems with Parametric Uncertainties” in Automation and Remote Control, 2023.

Building digital sensors for non-linear systems” in AIP Conference Proceedings, 2023.

Sliding mode observer based fault identification in automatic vision system of robot” in Control Engineering Practice, 2023.

Robust virtual sensors design for linear and nonlinear systems under external disturbances” in the International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing, 2023.

Prof Alexey Zhirabok | Technical diagnostics Award | Best Scholar Award |

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