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Ms. Areej Alsobh | Membrane Technology Award | Women Researcher Award

Ms. Areej Alsobh, Hungarian university of Agriculture and life science, Hungary

👩‍🎓 Areej Alsobh is a versatile professional with a background in Food Sciences and Technology, holding a Ph.D. from MATE University in Budapest, Hungary. With a Master’s degree in Biotechnology and a Bachelor’s in Food Engineering from Al-Baath University in Syria, Areej brings a wealth of expertise to her roles. From Quality Assurance Lab Supervisor at The Homs Dairy Company to teaching at Al-Baath University, she has demonstrated proficiency in process development, customer service, and digital marketing. Fluent in Arabic and English, with intermediate Hungarian skills, Areej is dedicated to continuous learning and enhancing her skills. 🌟


Publication Profile




Areej is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Food Sciences and Technology at MATE University in Budapest, Hungary, building upon her prior academic achievements in Biotechnology and Food Engineering from Al-Baath University in Syria. Her academic journey underscores her passion for advancing knowledge in her field and contributing to scientific research. 📚


Professional Experience

Areej Alsobh has a diverse professional background, encompassing roles in customer service, digital marketing, and academia. As a Customer Service Representative at Transcosmos (Fossil Group) in Hungary, she adeptly handled inquiries and complaints, utilizing her excellent communication skills. Additionally, her internship in Digital Marketing at Limelight Tech Lead in Norway allowed her to gain insights into web analytics and social media monitoring. Prior to this, Areej served as an Assistant Teacher at Al-Baath University in Syria, where she supervised laboratories and delivered lectures on various food-related topics, showcasing her teaching and research capabilities. 🌟

Research Focus

Areej Alsobh’s research focus lies at the intersection of food science and engineering, particularly in the extraction and concentration of bioactive compounds from natural sources like hawthorn fruit and anise seed extracts. Through her studies, she explores various extraction methods, including heat, ultrasound, microwave-assisted techniques, and membrane filtration processes such as reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF). By comparing the efficiency of different membranes (X-20, RO-99, NF-270), she aims to optimize extraction processes, enhancing the concentration of valuable compounds for potential applications in food and pharmaceutical industries. 🍎🔬


Areej Alsobh | Membrane Technology Award | Women Researcher Award

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