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Ali Razban | Energy Management Award | Research and Development Excellence Award


Dr. Ali Razban is a distinguished academic and seasoned engineer specializing in controls, robotics, and energy management. Holding a Ph.D. from Imperial College, London, and an MBA from Purdue University, he serves as the Director of the Bachelor of Science in Energy Engineering program at IUPUI. With a Professional Engineering License and certifications in Energy Management, Dr. Razban is a recognized leader in his field. He has received numerous accolades, including the Frank E. Burley Distinguished Professor Award. Driven by a passion for innovation and education, he mentors aspiring scholars while contributing significantly to industrial energy efficiency and academic excellence.

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Dr. Ali Razban earned his Ph.D. from Imperial College, University of London, specializing in Control, Robotics, and Automation. He holds dual M.S.E. degrees from the University of Michigan in Controls and Signal Processing, and Dynamic Systems and Controls. Further enhancing his expertise, he completed an M.B.A. from Krannert School of Management, Purdue University, focusing on Executive Management.

Professional Awards

His contributions have been recognized with awards such as the IUPUI Favorite Professor Award and the Industrial Assessment Center of Excellence Award.

Research focus

Dr. Ali Razban’s research primarily focuses on energy optimization and control systems in various domains. He has contributed significantly to the implementation of cloud-based Model Predictive Control (MPC) for HVAC systems in educational buildings, aiming to enhance energy efficiency and comfort. Additionally, his work extends to privacy-preserving federated learning for solar photovoltaic generation forecasting and probabilistic regression models for estimating electrical peak demand in commercial buildings. With expertise in HVAC systems, renewable energy integration, and predictive modeling, Dr. Razban’s research endeavors strive to address challenges in sustainable energy utilization, making notable contributions to the field of energy management.

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Ali Razban | Energy Management Award | Research and Development Excellence Award

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