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Dr. Athman Mgumia | Agricultural System of Innovation Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Athman Mgumia, COSTECH, Tanzania

Dr. Athman H Mgumia, PhD, is a distinguished figure in agricultural innovation and sustainable development 🌱. With over 20 years of experience, he’s the Director of the Centre for Development and Transfer of Technology at COSTECH, Tanzania 🇹🇿. Dr. Mgumia holds a PhD in Agricultural Innovation System and has authored numerous papers on innovation and technology transfer. His leadership fosters collaboration between academia, government, and private sectors, driving economic growth. Passionate about community service, he serves on various boards, advocating for science and technology. Dr. Mgumia’s dedication to advancing agricultural innovation makes him a respected figure in his field.


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🔬 Research Focus

Dr. Athman H Mgumia’s research primarily focuses on agricultural innovation systems, particularly in Tanzania. His work delves into the characteristics of agricultural technology and the application of innovative systems within the Tanzanian context. Through extensive studies, such as examining the role of innovation intermediaries and understanding researchers’ perceptions and practices in technology development, Dr. Mgumia contributes significantly to advancing knowledge in this field. With a keen interest in fostering sustainable agricultural practices and promoting innovation, his research serves as a cornerstone for policymakers, academics, and practitioners striving to enhance agricultural development and technology transfer in Tanzania 🌱.

Publication Top Notes

The application of the agricultural innovation system approach in technology development in Tanzania: Researchers’ perceptions and practices

Contribution of innovation intermediaries in agricultural innovation: The case of agricultural R&D in Tanzania

Characteristics of agriculture technology and application of an agricultural innovation system in Tanzania


Athman Mgumia | Agricultural System of Innovation Award | Best Researcher Award

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