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Dr. Carmen M.Galvez Sánchez | Psychological Treatment Award | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Carmen M.Galvez Sánchez, University of Murcia, Spain

Dr. Carmen M. Galvez Sánchez, PhD 🎓 Psychologist specializing in Chronic Pain and Health-related Quality of Life. Dual degrees from the University of Havana and University of Jaén 🌍. Internationally recognized for groundbreaking research on Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Syndromes of Central Sensitization to Pain. Awarded FPU grant by the Spanish Ministry of Education 🏅. Proficient in scientific dissemination and university teaching, with publications in esteemed journals and contributions to book chapters. Active member of PAIDI research group “Clinical Psychophysiology” and the Interdisciplinary Seminar on Women, Science, and Society. Committed to integrating the gender perspective in healthcare research and practice.


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Education and qualifications

🎓 Dr. Carmen M. Galvez Sánchez, a dedicated scholar, continues to enhance her expertise through ongoing education. She pursues courses in diverse areas, including Data Structures in R, Motivation, Leadership, Conflict Management, Neurolinguistics Programming, and Educational Leadership. These endeavors, ranging from understanding the emotional dimensions of disease to refining teaching methodologies, reflect her commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. Dr. Galvez Sánchez’s engagement with cutting-edge platforms like Udemy and the Inter-American University demonstrates her adaptability and eagerness to integrate innovative practices into her work in psychology.



🎓 Dr. Carmen M. Galvez Sánchez is an esteemed professor at the University of Murcia, specializing in Psychology and Speech Therapy. With a rich academic background, she previously held roles as a researcher and teaching staff at the University of Jaén, contributing significantly to projects on chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Dr. Galvez Sánchez’s journey includes postdoctoral work, research technician positions, and a prestigious FPU fellowship awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education. Her dedication to academia spans from teaching and research to mentorship, embodying a commitment to advancing knowledge in psychology with a focus on chronic pain and health-related quality of life.


Research Focus

🔬 Dr. Carmen M. Galvez-Sánchez, with a diverse array of research interests, primarily focuses on chronic pain and its psychological implications, particularly in conditions like fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Her studies delve into various aspects, including the impact of pain chronicity and severity on health-related quality of life, cognitive deficits associated with these conditions, and the role of emotional and cognitive factors in pain perception. Dr. Galvez-Sánchez also explores innovative approaches such as acceptance and commitment therapy and personalized behavior management for pain control and mood regulation. Her research efforts contribute significantly to understanding and addressing the complex interplay between psychological factors and chronic pain.


Carmen M.Galvez Sánchez | Psychological Treatment Award | Best Researcher Award

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