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Assist Prof Dr. Audrey Doyle | Assessment Award | Best Researcher Award

Assist Prof Dr. Audrey Doyle,Dublin City University, Ireland

Dr. Audrey Doyle is an esteemed Assistant Professor at Dublin City University’s Institute of Education, renowned for her visionary leadership in education. With a PhD from Maynooth University and a Masters from All Hallows College, she brings over two decades of experience as a school principal and educator. Passionate about inclusion and diversity, she champions dialogic schooling. As Programme Chair for Religious Education, she fosters academic excellence. Dr. Doyle’s accolades include a DCU President’s Team Award and fellowship recognitions. An avid organizer, she spearheads scientific gatherings, advocating for innovative curriculum approaches. Her dynamic leadership enriches educational discourse, inspiring collaborative progress. 🎓


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Dr. Audrey Doyle achieved her pinnacle academic milestone, earning a PhD in Education from Maynooth University, Ireland. Under the guidance of esteemed mentors Dr. Majella Dempsey and Professor Sharon Todd, her research delved into profound insights within the educational realm. Prior to this, she honed her managerial skills with a Masters in Management for Pastoral and Voluntary Services from All Hallows College, Drumcondra, Ireland, in 2006. 🎓 These academic endeavors fortified her expertise, equipping her with a robust foundation to navigate the dynamic landscape of education with proficiency and vision.


Dr. Audrey Doyle’s dedication to excellence in teaching and learning has garnered her prestigious accolades. In 2021-2022, she was honored with the Advanced Higher Education Senior Fellowship in Teaching and Learning, aligning with the UK Professional Standards Framework. Since 2019, she has been recognized as an Associate Fellow of the Anti-Bullying Centre at DCU, Ireland, showcasing her commitment to fostering safe and inclusive learning environments. Most notably, she received the esteemed DCU President’s Team Award for Teaching and Learning in 2021, a testament to her transformative impact and collaborative spirit in advancing educational practices. 🏆


Research Focus

Dr. Audrey Doyle’s research spans across several key areas within the realm of education, showcasing a multifaceted focus on assessment practices, curriculum development, and the impact of educational policies. With a keen interest in teacher identity and assessment, her work explores topics such as the role of teachers in assessment, high-stakes assessment policies, and the effects of international mobility on teachers’ curriculum agency. đź“š Her studies also delve into the experiences of pre-service teachers, school placement assessment, and the dynamics of synchronous online teaching environments, offering valuable insights into contemporary educational practices and challenges.



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Audrey Doyle | Assessment Award | Best Researcher Award

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