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Mr. Dhananjay Janorkar | Astrophysics | Outstanding Scientist Award

Mr. Dhananjay Janorkar, Shantaram Janorkar Foundation of Mathematics, Village MAHAN – 444 405 Tq. Barshitakli Dist. Akola, (Maharashtra State), India

Mr. Dhananjay Shantaram Janorkar, an accomplished Author & Researcher, is known for his groundbreaking work in mathematics and spirituality. 📚 As the Founder President of the Shantaram Janorkar Foundation of Mathematics, he has revolutionized mathematical education. His contributions, recognized by prestigious awards like the Research Excellence Award 2020, extend to publishing and academia. Janorkar’s innovative concepts are integrated into university curricula, fostering academic excellence. He’s also a philanthropist, exemplified by his role in organizing the National Level Symposium on Number Theory. 🏆 Janorkar’s multifaceted endeavors reflect his commitment to knowledge dissemination and societal welfare.


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Research Focus

Mr. Dhananjay Shantaram Janorkar’s research focus primarily spans across mathematics and physics, with a special emphasis on geometric methods. 📐 His contributions include groundbreaking works such as determining the value of Pi (π), formulas for the speed of light, and methodologies for calculating the volume of black holes. Janorkar’s research also extends into theoretical astrophysics, exploring concepts like parallel universes and multiverse theories. His dedication to advancing mathematical and scientific understanding is evident through numerous publications and academic engagements, positioning him as a leading figure in the field of theoretical physics and mathematics.




Dhananjay Janorkar | Astrophysics | Outstanding Scientist Award

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