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Assist Prof Dr. Dilek Yıldırım | Palliative Care Award | Best Researcher Award

Assist Prof Dr. Dilek Yıldırım, Istanbul Aydın Üniversity, Turkey

Dr. Dilek Yıldırım is an accomplished academician and healthcare professional specializing in internal medicine nursing. She earned her Ph.D. in 2018 from Istanbul University, focusing on managing constipation in opioid users. With expertise in diabetes care and oncology nursing, she actively contributes to research, including projects on cancer screening and stem cell donation education. Dr. Yıldırım holds administrative roles, such as Deputy Dean, and is a member of prestigious nursing associations. Recognized for her contributions, she received awards for presentations and academic excellence. 🎓🔬

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🎓 Education:

Dr. Dilek Yıldırım completed her Doctorate in Internal Medicine Nursing from Istanbul University in 2018, focusing on managing constipation in opioid users under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Gülbeyaz Can. She pursued her Master’s degree in the same field in 2013, evaluating the care needs of type 1 diabetes patients. Her nursing journey began with a Bachelor’s degree from Istanbul University in 2009.

👩‍🏫 Teaching Experience:

Her teaching portfolio includes courses like Chronic Diseases Nursing, Internal Medicine Nursing, and First Aid, contributing to the development of nursing students’ skills and knowledge.


Dr. Yıldırım is a member of esteemed nursing associations such as the Palliative Care Nursing Association and has received awards for her oral presentations and academic performance.

🔍 Research Focus:

Dr. Dilek Yıldırım’s research interests span a wide range of topics in nursing and healthcare. She has contributed significantly to the development and validation of assessment tools, such as the Ethical Conflict Scale for Nurses in Extraordinary Circumstances, demonstrating her commitment to enhancing ethical decision-making in nursing practice. Additionally, she has conducted studies on various aspects of patient care, including consciousness assessment in palliative care, fear of hypoglycemia in diabetes patients, and the effects of aromatherapy on pain and anxiety during medical procedures. Her research also delves into post-COVID-19 fatigue in nurses and its impact on organizational outcomes. Overall, Dr. Yıldırım’s work reflects a dedication to improving patient care, addressing ethical dilemmas, and promoting the well-being of healthcare professionals.


Dilek Yıldırım | Palliative Care Award | Best Researcher Award

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