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Mr. Jesse Hermans | Housing Award | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Jesse Hermans, Commonwealth Treasury, Australia

Jesse Hermans is an economist specializing in housing, taxation, and Modern Monetary Theory. With a Bachelor’s in Civil Systems and a certificate in MMT, he has shaped policy at Commonwealth Treasury and Prosper Australia, where he coordinated research reports and authored academic articles. Jesse’s expertise spans budget submissions, housing policy, and value capture, demonstrated through his extensive submissions and presentations. Engaged in community service through Rotary Club and advocacy with Fair Money Australia, Jesse contributes actively to societal and economic reform. 🏡💰📊


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🎓 Jesse Hermans holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Systems from the University of Melbourne, obtained in 2020, laying the foundation for his interdisciplinary approach to economics. Complementing his academic background, he earned a Certificate in Modern Monetary Theory (MMT101x) from the University of Newcastle in 2021, enhancing his understanding of contemporary economic principles. This combination of qualifications reflects Jesse’s commitment to a diverse educational journey, equipping him with the knowledge and expertise necessary to navigate complex economic landscapes with confidence and adaptability. 🏗️💡



🏢 Jesse Hermans has amassed rich experience in economic policy and research, notably serving as a Policy Analyst at Commonwealth Treasury and as a Policy Coordinator at Prosper Australia. At the Treasury, he contributed to critical reports and policy proposals, engaging in stakeholder consultations and conducting comprehensive analysis. His tenure at Prosper Australia saw him co-authoring impactful reports and academic articles, influencing budget submissions and housing policies. Jesse’s multifaceted roles involved extensive stakeholder engagement, including collaborations with government bodies and politicians. His written works, presentations, and research projects showcase his dedication to advancing economic discourse and driving meaningful policy changes. 📊💼📝


Research Focus

Jesse Hermans’ research focuses on the intersection of land markets and economic regulation, particularly in the context of monopolistic conditions. His work delves into the implications of planning deregulation on land markets, shedding light on potential monopolistic tendencies and their ramifications. Collaborating with fellow researchers like Emily Sims and Cameron Murray, Jesse explores how land value taxation can serve as a progressive and efficient means of addressing such dynamics, as evidenced by their studies in Victoria. Through rigorous analysis and empirical evidence, Jesse contributes valuable insights to the ongoing discourse on economic policy and land market dynamics. 🏙️🔍💼


Jesse Hermans | Housing Award | Best Researcher Award

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